Do Multiple Ear Piercings Look Trashy?

do multiple ear piercing look trashy

The standard of “trashy” is different for different people. You can look trashy with a single piercing to person A, while you won’t seem trashy to person B even with multiple ear piercings. However, in certain conditions, you may look trashy to everyone. That’s when you wear really cheap earrings in those multiple piercings. Or when the piercing is not done at the right angle or if the piercings are not balanced.

Gauges and stretches are a major turn-off. The purpose of going with gauges and stretches as earrings remain futile, no matter what explanation you give. Not going to lie. They look ugly.

Anyway, in our opinion, multiple ear piercings do not look trashy if worn nicely. Go for combinations that look good together, don’t just load your ears for the sake of trends!

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Do Multiple Ear Piercings Look Unprofessional?

While ear piercings are certainly unprofessional for men, women have luckily been granted more freedom in case of wear earrings at their workplace. But that doesn’t mean you can go to work with your ears fully loaded with studs or huggie hoops. Every workplace has a different set of rules regarding fashion. However, multiple ear piercings do look unprofessional in any case.

You may wear two to three studs if the piercing is on your ear lobe. Gauge piercings or industrial ones do not look nice in a work environment. They will grab unwanted attention and criticism.

The location of these multiple piercings on your ears contributes a lot as to whether they look unprofessional or not. Keep reading to know about different types of ear piercings and their acceptance at workplaces.

Types of Ear Piercings

Cartilage Piercing

The cartilage part of the ears is pierced in this type of piercing. Opt for tiny, subtle studs for your workplace if you want to wear something in your cartilage piercings. Also, cartilage piercings are more prone to infections, so be extra careful with them!

Tragus Piercing

This type of piercing has begun to trend a lot among young girls and women. It is the perforation of your tragus, which begins just next to the ear canal. A tiny stud will not catch much attention, but hoops/ tragus rings are the last thing you’d want to sport at your workplace. It is always better to maintain a decent persona at your work.

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Industrial Piercing

An industrial piercing does not look nice in any way at a workplace. A straight piece of jewelry that connects two piercings in an ear looks too over-the-top and grabs a lot of unnecessary attention. It doesn’t sound nice to say, but they are considered to be slutty in certain places. So avoid wearing them in a professional environment.

There are a lot of other types of ear piercings. We can go on and on about what looks nice and what doesn’t. But in essence, unnecessarily overloaded ears will make you look overblown. So give a good thought about what combinations look nice and attractive on you.

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Do Multiple Ear Piercings Make You More Attractive?

Sometimes they can make you look more attractive; at others, they would remain unnoticed for days. People don’t usually notice ear piercings unless they are wearing something too obvious or extra. It may also depend on how nicely you carry those multiple ear piercings.

If you’re wearing some exquisite pieces in a good combination, you are going to look more attractive for sure. However, if you load your ears with cheap metal hoops or ten pairs of useless studs, you are more likely to look pretentious. See the earrings that will make you look younger.

Should You Get The Same Piercings On Both Ears?

There is no certain rule or code regarding getting the same piercings on both ears. While lobe piercings are generally matched on both sides, and they do look good that way. But for other piercings, it totally depends on how you like it.

Some people may match cartilage piercings, while others go for cartilage piercing on one ear and helix and tragus piercings on the other. Some may also pair a cartilage piercing with a conch piercing on the other ear. There is no limitation. Do it as you like!

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Can I Get Multiple Ear Piercings At Once?

No more than 3 to 4 piercings in one sitting. That’s just too much pain and an increased risk of getting an infection in each of the piercings. Also, if you are going for multiple piercings on both sides of the ear, stick to one ear in one sitting. Wait until one side of the ear heals.

Getting piercings on both sides in one sitting is not a good idea; you wouldn’t be able to sleep properly. Whatever side you choose to lay on, it’s going to hurt real bad. Professional piercers will themselves recommend you to get piercings on one part/side in a single sitting.

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Multiple Ear Piercings Ideas

There are numerous combinations that you can make with your ear piercings, while there are certain unique options that look cool invariably. We have listed some of them below.

Triple Lobe

This is the most common type of multiple ear piercing. If you’re a fresher in the piercings arena, this is the most appropriate and widely accepted type of ear piercing.

Helix and Tragus

You can pair your helix piercing with a tragus piercing. This is one of the coolest pairs that is wearable for most occasions.

Double lobe and Tragus

If you don’t want to ditch your lobe piercings, pair them with a tragus piercing for some extra pop of style to your look!

Trashy or classy – multiple ear piercings can look either. It depends on how well you style them in accordance with a certain place or event!

Best Earrings For Multiple Piercings

While multiple piercings are a well-established thing now, many people find it a bit complicated to find the best style and combination for multiple piercings. To be honest, there is no one size fits all rule here. It depends on the shape of your face and ear and how you want to combine multiple earrings.

Here are some of my favorite combinations for multiple ear piercings. And make sure you take care of your piercings too. Keep your earrings sterile and your piercings clean to avoid any agitation and infection.

1. Sterling Silver Fashion Star Wrap Earrings

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