Are Clip On Earrings Tacky?

Clip-on earrings are a real deal if your ears are not pierced. It’s totally okay if you don’t want to get them pierced. Some people dread needles or piercings, in general. So be so hard on yourself for not being able to pierce your ears. Clip-on earrings can look as gorgeous as real earrings. You just need to be a bit choosier while buying them if you don’t want them to look tacky.

What Are Clip-On Earrings?

People with non-pierced ears usually use clip-on earrings. Aside from that, they are also a good option if you have sensitive skin or you want to avoid stretched earlobes. Clip-on earrings are a great idea for kids as well.

Some people also tend to use clip-on because they are very comfortable and too easy to put on and off. Once you get the hang of clip-on earrings, you might not even want to return to regular pierced earrings.

Do Clip-On Earrings Look Tacky?

Coming to the main point, most people are concerned about the appearance of clip-on earrings. Many believe or are made to believe that clip-on earrings look tacky. It is not exactly like that.

When you’re rooting for comfort, you should be least worried about what others are going to say. Anyway, clip-on earrings do not necessarily look tacky. There are some low-quality pieces, of course, that don’t give a decent appearance overall.

A few types of clip-on earrings give a very obvious ‘clip-on’ appearance, and nobody wants that. Therefore, go for smaller hinged clip-on or dangling earrings with screw-on backs because they look pretty amazing.

They don’t give off a pierced look, but they don’t look bad, either. Most of all, they are comfortable and give you the chance to gorgeously accessorize yourself without getting a piercing done.

Are clip-on earrings painful?

No, and yes, we gotta say both. This is because there is a huge variety of clip-on earrings available in various designs. Some of these designs are not comfortable enough for a long time. They start pinching the lobe, and over time the pain and discomfort just get worse.

Uneven pressure distribution

This pinching usually happens when the pressure distribution is uneven, or the clippers of the earrings are uncomfortable. This is the reason why clip-on earrings with wider paddle backs are recommended, especially if you’re sporting a heavy piece.

Comfortable Clip-on Earrings

However, there is certainly the other type of clip-on earrings as well that doesn’t hurt at all. They might as well be the most comfortable earrings you’ve ever worn. If you don’t want your ears to hurt from the weight of heavy earrings, then clip-on earrings will be an ideal choice.

They are especially useful for older women with stretched ear lobes. Also, for those who cannot stand the weight of heavy earrings but absolutely love their appearance, clip-on earrings are the ultimate solution.

Types of Clip-on Earrings

There are a few common types of clip-on earrings. Some of them look better than others, while a few might be more comfortable than the better-looking ones. Your choice depends on what you want; comfort or beauty, maybe both?

Screw Back Clip-on Earrings

They are the most widely used type of clip-on earrings. These earrings work on the primary mechanism of clip-on and feature a small screw on the back that presses the earring to the earlobe. Screw-back clip-on earrings are quite comfortable to wear. Screw-style clip-on is usually better for dangling or drop earrings.

Hinged Clip-on Earrings

Hinged clip-on earrings are another very common type that is comfortable and easy to wear. A small hinge clip holds the earrings to the lobes. Putting on or removing them is a breeze. A huge variety is available in hinged clip-on earrings. Most of all, they are the most comfortable option for more extended wear.

Paddle Back Clip-on Earrings

This type is quite similar to a hinged clip-on. However, they are safer and more convenient. Also, they stay secured in place really well. The paddle clip fastens to the hinged clipper with the help of a spring bar that makes these clip-on the most secure option out of all.

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Invisible Clip-on Earrings

All hail to the one who invented this type! Invisible clip-on earrings help you achieve a real pierced earring look. If you’re one of those who is crazy worried about clip-on looking ‘tacky’, then you should definitely consider buying invisible clip-on earrings.

They are secured by clear acrylic or resin back findings which give the clipper an invisible look. They look very much like real earrings. Also, they are the safest option for anyone experiencing metal allergies.

Are Clip-On Earrings Better?

Clip-on earrings is certainly a better option in many ways. They are an excellent choice for people with metal allergies and/or sensitive skin. Also, for anyone who doesn’t like a hole pierced through their flesh but still wants to rock a fashionable look.

Clip-on earrings can also be used by people with pierced ears in case they don’t want their piercing hole to carry the weight of a ginormous earring and stretch down as a result of that. They are very comfortable for prolonged wear of heavy earrings.

So they are quite a decent option, if not better than regular earrings!

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