How Long Does It Take A Nose Piercing To Close?

Getting a nose piercing is an exciting thing! It can be a good decision to give yourself a bit of something pretty and unique. This is particularly true if you like hidden piercings because people do not know that you have them, even if you are wearing your hair up. It’s also very good for people with small ears because they do not have to get their ears pierced. Nose piercings can seem like a solution because they are often free or low-cost and small. However, it can take a long time before your piercing closes! So when should you expect your nose piercing to close? In this article, we will look at how long does it take for a nose piercing to close?

Will My Nose Piercing Close Up Overnight?

Are you thinking about getting a nose piercing? Or did you just get one and want to know whether it will close up overnight? Well, wonder no more. The short answer is no. It won’t close up overnight. It takes time for a new hole to close up.

How long does a cartilage piercing take to heal?

A cartilage piercing will take anywhere from 1 to 12 months to heal fully. It all depends on the person, the body part which has been pierced, and other individual factors. Some have the initial swelling go down within a few days. Others experience as much as a month of swelling. The swelling and inflammation are then followed by an abnormal prominence of bone in the area for months upon months. After that, the body usually gets back to normal in terms of redness. This can take several more weeks and sometimes months after an initial piercing, leading up to finally being totally healed with a healthy end product.

How to reopen a closed nose piercing?

If you have a piercer that’s willing to perform the procedure again, go right ahead. But if you can’t seem to find one, don’t worry! There are other ways to reopen a closed nose piercing. I’ve tried this method, and it worked for me. You can also try getting your jewelry pushed up as close as possible to the hump or slowly push it out with a sterile sewing needle over a week’s time.

How to keep a nose piercing open

A nose piercing should be done by an experienced person due to the risk of the nostril collapsing. You can use a nose retainer to make your nose piercing open, but you will need to insert it every day and take it out while cleaning the piercing. Alternatively, a neem stick will help you keep a nose piercing open whilst taking care of it.

Nose piercing vs. ear piercing

Nose piercing is very different from ear piercing. Ear piercing can be done at an early age, and it comes in many shapes and designs, but nose piercing is strictly for adults. Also, the location of a nose piercing is different from an ear-piercing. But a lot of people think that both nose and ear piercing are just the same. Some of them even think that a nose ring only serves as fashion accessories, while others find it fashionable for girls to beautify their faces, especially when they wear dresses that expose their neck area.

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