What Earrings to Wear With a Statement Necklace?

Statement jewelry is an incredible trick to pull together a unique and personalized look. A statement piece of jewelry is enough to define your whole look. The general rule of thumb about statement jewelry states “only one at a time”. For making a statement fashion look, choose no more than one statement accessory. That one statement accessory can either be a necklace, an earring, or even a ring.

Statement jewelry is made to grab attention without effort. It’s not only defined by its size, but also by its color vibrancy, design, and shape. Any piece of jewelry that can be considered a noticeable or key feature of your outfit is a statement accessory. Some women enjoy making a statement with statement jewelry pieces, while others do not feel comfortable being bold and unique.

Nevertheless, for those of you who are eager to make the perfect statement look with a necklace, we have some amazing styling tips and tricks.

Earrings With Statement Necklace on a Woman

What Earrings Should You Wear With A Statement Necklace?

When the necklace is a statement piece, the earrings gotta be very subtle. A statement necklace is already chunky and detailed enough to complete the look on its own. You may not even feel the need to wear other accessories.

But if you’re wearing a statement necklace with hair tucked back or tied all the way up, then empty pierced ears will look odd. So what type of earrings should be worn in that case? The ideal choice would be stud earrings for they are the most minimalist type of earrings. Such as these basic diamond studs will go well with any statement necklace as well as any outfit.

Types of Statement Necklaces

If your aim is to make an elaborate look, then keep reading further. There are different types of statement necklaces from very casual funky types to very elegant and formal ones. And each of them helps you portray a different type of look. And each of them needs to be paired with the right pair of earrings.

Multi-Chain Collar Necklaces

Multi-chain collar necklaces with funky colors and beads are meant for a casual dress-up. You can pair them up with a lovely sundress or jumper for creating a laid-back vibe. For earrings, something similar in a funky yet subdued style will look amazing. Like these tiny studs in different colored cubic zirconia can be mixed and matched with different outfits and necklaces in different colors.

Fringe Statement Necklaces

Fringe statement necklaces are usually in golden or silver metals. They consist of numerous dangling pendants that surround the entire neck region. They look perfect for a party or a night out and look nice for evening events. The fringes catch a lot of attention which means that your ears will barely be noticed. However, you can’t keep them empty as well.

For such necklaces, minimalist earrings are the perfect option. Our favorite ones are these Plain Bar studs on Amazon that will go perfectly well with the metallic fringes of your statement necklace. These earrings will render a final touch of completion that your look needs.

Art Deco Statement Necklaces

Art Deco Statement Necklaces are then again great for casual looks. They are not a good option for glam events. These necklaces feature loud and vibrant colors with a lot of geometrical influenced designs, zig-zags, or sunburst motifs. The best way to rock your art deco statement necklaces is by pairing them with art deco-inspired earrings.

However, keep in mind that these earrings should not be the centerpiece of attention. Don’t go for danglers or other chunky pieces. Smaller studs or drop earrings will look nice and appropriate. If you want a slight clue, you can check out these Art Deco Bohemian studs on amazon. Color coordinate the earrings and the neckpiece and you’ll be good to go!

Multi-Layered Necklaces

Making a statement with multi-layered necklaces is our favorite thing. You can personalize the layering of necklaces as you like and there’s a ninety-nine percent chance that somebody else will not have a similar kind of layering as you. So multilayered necklaces are a statement that is truly yours. When you’re done layering your necklaces, move to the selection of earrings.

Plain and simple hoops look fantastic with multi-layered necklaces. Other than that, studs are always an option. The good thing about multilayered statement necklaces is that they can be paired with a few elaborate studs. Like these plain coin studs that neither make an overstatement nor an understatement. They render a very defined look.

Geometric Statement Necklaces

Geometric Necklace designs look very trendy and elaborate. They look perfect for a dressy look. Unlike most statement necklaces that look nice on a bare neckline, the geometric statement necklaces look beautiful with high neck dresses such as turtlenecks. You can pair small geometric earrings such as these studs or small drop earrings with geometric necklaces. Make a statement that will catch all the limelight, a geometric necklace with small geometric earrings; the perfect combination.

How Do You Accessorize With A Statement Necklace?

Just don’t go too over the top with accessorizing yourself. A statement necklace itself is enough, but other accessories can look great as well if paired sensibly. You just need to learn to keep a single piece of jewelry as the main thing about your outfit. Every other accessory, be it a ring, a bracelet, or an earring; should not be too showy. The best type of earrings for statement necklaces are studs or plain and small hoops. Or you can say the best ones are those that do not try to sabotage the beauty of the statement neckpiece.

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