Top 5 Best Rubber Earring Backs

Earring backs come in many different designs and styles. In this article, we will explore rubber earring backs only. If you have lost the back of your earrings, don’t worry, you can replace them with a rubber back easily.

Silicone rubber earring backs are most suitable for people that are looking for a soft and durable option.

Here are the main pros of rubber earring backs.

  • They are very soft and pliable, providing maximum comfort to your ear lobe.
  • They are metal-free, so they won’t cause any allergic reactions.
  • Rubber earring backs are very cheap, and you can get hundreds of pieces for less than ten bucks.

Top 5 Rubber Earring Backs

Here are our top picks for the best and most durable earrings backs available on amazon.

500PCS  Plastic Earring Stoppers

These hypoallergenic Nickel free earring backs are made from soft silicone, which is very comfortable to wear. You can use these to hold straight post earrings, dropping earrings, fish hook earrings, and many other types of earrings safely in place. These are especially suitable for heavy earrings due to their stronghold. The problem with them is that they are very small and might not suit earrings with large gauge posts.

Wholesale 300PCS Soft Earring Backs Clear Back

If you are looking for a soft and durable pair of earrings backs, then this year is the best choice for you. These are Nickel-free, which makes them hypoallergenic and suitable for every kind of skin in providing the appropriate account of tightness to keep the earrings on. These are very easy to apply. Their wider discs make them capable of supporting heavy earrings. These work perfectly for typical 20 gauge earrings post but can also be used with some 18 and 16 Gold earrings if stretched appropriately.

Clear Rubber Safety Earring Backs

These earrings come with a package that consists of 500 pieces of rubber earring backs species 4 millimeters in diameter and 4mm in thickness. They are made up of transparent rubber. You’re pretty tight, and despite being very small, there do their job perfectly.

Since they are transparent, it doesn’t matter what’s the color of your earring because they disappear completely. The only problem with them is there they are very small and a bit hard to maneuver with your fingertips.

Toaob 100pcs Hypoallergenic Earring Backs

This is a whole package that includes 100 pieces of silicone earring backs hundred earring pin studs. Each earring back has 4 millimeters in thickness and 5 millimeters in height. DJ ring bags are less likely to cause any allergies because they are made of silicone rubber. These are very durable and easy to use. You can use them as a replacement for the earring backs and posts you have lost. These are suitable for parties, any kind of activities, daily use, or as a gift for your family

Beadaholique Bullet Clutch Earring Backs

These wearing backs come in a plastic pouch inside an envelope. They will keep your earrings from slipping out of your ear. You can not only use them as earring backs, but they are also great to place at the end of a needle which makes it is easier to pick the needle up.

They fit tightly into the post of hearing, so you don’t have to worry about them coming off of one-stop. This is a great alternative to metal that’s since they are much software and gentler, and you don’t have to worry about any kind of allergic reaction. These are very small they might not be a good choice for older ladies who have problems with their hands, but overall these earrings are worth giving a try.

 What Are The Rubber Backs On Earrings For?

Rubber plastic and silicone earring backs are just a temporary solution available as a replacement for some earring backs. However, if you are earrings are very expensive or precious, then plastic earring bags would not be advisable for you. In such cases, you should go for screw backs which consist of a threaded post around which they are spun like a screw. Although these are more expensive than rubber earring backs, you will have to purchase them only once which makes them worth the price.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t trust rubber earring backs. I can confidently say that I have worn them plenty of times instead of the experiencing backs, and I sometimes prefer them over the original bags because these are less likely to slide off than those loose bags that come with the original earrings.

Why Do Earrings Come With Rubber Backs?

When you order a pair of studs along with the regular metal bands, they also have tiny rubbers on the tip of the posts. These are originally just for packaging purposes, to keep the original metal backs securely in place. You can wear them if you want additional security, but most people don’t bother. They will just roll away when you take them off.

If you want to use them regularly, you’ll find many of them, which you can order from Amazon. They are very cheap, and you can get hundreds of pieces for a few bucks.

Are Rubber Earring Backs Safe

Skin allergies are caused by metals such as Nickel and Zinc. Rubber earring backs do not contain any metal, due to which they are hypo allergic. You can safely use them if you have sensitive skin. They won’t cause any reaction to your skin.

However, rubber earring backs are not recommended for babies and toddlers because they can take them out and swallow them. Due to this choking hazard, always buy screws backs for young babies. It’s important to check the security features of an earring back before getting one. Do get any earring back that is very loose, and a toddler can take them off easily.

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