James Allen vs Kay Jewelers (The Bitter Truth)

James Allen and Kay Jewelers are one of the biggest manufacturers in the diamond and gemstone jewelry market. But which one of them really does have a strong game? Is it JA or Kay?

While Kay Jewelers is the largest specialty retailer in the US and UK, James Allen is the most popular online store that has brought its game forward by providing a very promising online shopping experience. You can find some really great diamonds available for very competitive prices here at James Allen.

james allen vs kay jewelers comparison

Kay Jewelry

Kay is an age-old jewelry manufacturer with many satisfied customers from around the world, but unfortunately, the reviews on the internet suggest otherwise. There are as many or even more negative feedbacks about Kay as positive responses. Perhaps, customers are more driven toward writing a negative review and totally forget about giving feedback when they are satisfied.

But that’s certainly not the case with James Allen.

James Allen

In my opinion, JA truly deserves all the appreciation it gets on the internet. The positive reviews clearly outnumber the negative ones. Their brand policy, value for money, and customer service are unparalleled. You will never regret buying from them. The easy navigation of the website that gives an effortless online shopping experience makes sure that this ‘online only’ store truly serves its customers.

james allen options

Rings are viewable in 360 degrees – that is amazing! You’ll know what you’re investing in. Moreover, the ease of choosing a setting of your choice, as well as the metal, the diamond, is fantastic. Selecting a ring of your choice and designing it from scratch, what can be more satisfying than that? Test out the navigation of their user-friendly website here.

Anyhow, I am not just going to beat the bush. To make your choice clear for you, I will be bringing forward the facts, figures, and reviews about both these jewelry retailers. I’ll let you be the judge. So let’s get into it.

Product Cost and Value for Money

So first off, the most important thing for me, and I believe most of the customers out there willing to make an investment is the value for money of the jewelry they’re buying. An expensive piece doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a worthy choice.

James Allen

The jewelry produced by James Allen is absolutely worthy of all the money. This brand is aimed at providing jewelry for all. Offering a variety in quality, price range, designs, and possibly anything that you’d want, JA jewelry gives great value for money.

The price range of James Allen jewelry is undeniably good. The price does justice to the quality of the rings and jewelry overall. Top-notch color grades and clarity grades are available at a very reasonable price. You can check out this exquisite 1.0-carat diamond ring from James Allen.

a ring on james allen

This price for such a fine ring left me totally stunned. This beautiful ring has an Sl1 clarity grade with excellent proportions. The round, excellent-cut diamond in a prong setting is IGI certified. It is priced fairly lower than its competitor manufacturers.


Not to be rude, but honestly, I feel that Kay gives its customers some polished crap when the price tag is less. You can definitely get some very beautiful pieces from Kay as well; not going to deny that. But all I am saying is that it doesn’t do justice to the rings that fall in the lower price range.

Pre-made rings are not recommended for this very reason. Kay is charging a lot for some very mediocre pieces. And if you order some customized premium quality rings, then you’ll have to wait for quite a while because the high-end gemstones and diamonds are usually not available in stores, sadly. Moreover, they charge way more as compared to James Allen for identical pieces.


When you’re making a huge investment in diamonds and gemstones, you need to make sure that the jewelry is backed by a warranty from the manufacturer.

You cannot just depend on the name of the brand as a guarantee for the life of the jewelry. Neither can you expect your jewelry to last a lifetime without regular maintenance? So what do these two brands have for their customers?

James Allen

A free lifetime guarantee is offered by James Allen. James Allen provides every customer with a free lifetime warranty for each jewelry piece. The routine inspection is also covered in this warranty.

James Allen warranty

The maintenance is free of cost, and you can send your rings or jewelry to them, and they’ll do their thing. Moreover, if you don’t want to send in your jewelry, you can opt for the other option. JA customers can visit JARED and have their jewelry repaired under James Allen Warranty.

They have indeed gone above and beyond to provide their customers with utmost satisfaction and ease.


Kay Jewelers offer a lifetime diamond and gemstone guarantee with freestone replacement if it chips, breaks, or is lost from its original setting. However, that is only applicable if you get it inspected every six months.

A downfall of Kay about the warranty is that you have to purchase the extended service plan that covers the price of repair and maintenance of the metalwork and other things. If you don’t do that, you’ll have to pay a hefty amount for the repair of your rings.

The basic warranty covers the cost of diamonds or gemstones only. The re-tipping of the prong, rhodium plating, and all the routine repairs are covered by the company only if you buy the ESP. How good is that, huh?

Return Policy

Exchange and return policies are a big deal for me. And I believe they are for you, too. What happens when you find out that the product isn’t up to the mark upon its arrival? Or does someone want to exchange the item that you gifted them? Do James Allen and Kay offer any support?

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James Allen

They do not seem to disappoint in any way. I am a fan of the return policy of James Allen. They offer a 30-day exchange and fully funded return, provided that the jewelry is in its original and unworn condition. No questions asked. Just follow the basic guidelines of the return and exchange service and get your money fully refunded within two weeks without any hassle.


Kay offers a 30 days return and 60 days exchange period. A 60 days exchange period is pretty good, to be honest. And we’ll have to give it to Kay for their long exchange time duration.

However, if you’re gifting an item to someone, the exchange policy can make some nuisances for you. Kay only exchanges items for the original buyer of the item. So if the receiver of the gift needs an exchange, you gotta be available at their service.

The exchange and returns of Kay are not ‘hassle-free’ as far as I know. They take a lot of time, and people have reported terrible customer support in this regard. So you be the judge!

This review on Consumer Affairs suggests the same

returning to kay jewelers


Detailing is very important, and a ring that is nicely packed is bound to impress anyone. I am a fan of brands who care about the packaging of their products because that’s the first impression you give to your customers when they receive their items. The packaging just doubles the excitement, for me, at least.

James Allen

The rings and other jewelry is packed magnificently, and it shows the efforts put in by JA to win a place in the heart of their customers.

James Allen Packaging

You will receive a very neat, white, and red outer box that houses a smaller box. The box contains the beauty itself. Apart from the ring, the smaller box contains the GIA, AGS, and IGI certifications. A quality assurance guarantee and a cleaning cloth are also included. The overall packaging gives a very premium feel. James Allen makes their customers truly feel special.


The packaging of Kay Jewelers is also pretty detail-oriented. Your item arrives sitting in a high-quality velvet box. However, the sad part is the certifications of Kay jewelry. Kay provides very low profile certifications on their premium stones and misleads their customers.

So I am not pretty impressed with what Kay offers to their customers overall. Skullduggery by high-end brands is always a significant turn-off.

James Allen vs. Kay on Reddit

I have come across numerous positive reviews about James Allen from fellow Redditors, and it has further strengthened my opinion about the excellence of James Allen. Check out on Reddi the amazing experience of this girl about her engagement ring from JA. A shipping time of one week only that’s a plus too.

reddit about james allen

Another one,e J so glad to see happy customers!                    

reddit about james allen

On the contrary, Kay Jewelers… pretty disappointing reviews have been found all over.

Well, it is very difficult to please everyone. But the density of negative reviews about Kay will make you think twice.

“Some customers are claiming that after they took their diamond jewelry to Kay Jewelers, the rare stones were mysteriously replaced with cheap imitations.”

kay jewelers complaint on reddit

Read more here on CBS New.s

James Allen vs. Kay – Consumer Affairs

“If you don’t mind waiting longer than the website says for a lower quality piece of jewelry then go for it.” Reviewed a customer about Kay Jewelers on Consumer Affairs.

Damn. That’s pretty straight up. I can imagine the anger and frustration when you’re anxiously waiting for something to arrive,e and you don’t get it on time. These reviews suggest the horrible service of Kay Jewelers.

kay rating on consumer affairs

The customer service of Kay Jewelers does not hold a good reputation either. Through various resources, I learned that the customer support representatives at Kay are entirely uneducated about the basics of what they’re talking about. This results in poor communication with no positive outcome to the complaints.

Moreover, they are not helpful towards the concerns of their customers either. Perhaps, money is all they care about,t and customer satisfaction is a term foreign to them.

Another customer with a horrible experience – check out what this person has to say:

kay on consumer affairs

 This person looks like another victim of the poor customer service of Kay Jewelers.

Well, well … little by little,e it’s getting easier to make the decision.

Did I say that James Allen is flawless? No, I didn’t. You can encounter problems while buying from them as well, as this person did:

james allen on consumer affairs

But what I appreciate here is the way they are ready to offer everything that is needed to rectify their mistake.

James Allen vs. Kay on Wedding Wire

WeddingWire is a famous website that provides various wedding services, and along with that, they are well known for their reviews as well. The reviews about Kay Jewelers have not been very promising so far, but James Allen is passing with flying colors. Let’s see if reviews on Wedding Wire are any different.

james allen on wedding wire

This list of awards for James Allen on Wedding Wir is a whole new story. I am quite impressed by the fact that James Allen holds a very stable and glorious reputation all over the internet. On wedding wire, it is recommended by 96%off the couples. So you know where you need to head t if you’re looking for engagement/wedding rings.

Kay Jewelers on Wedding wire does not have that many reviews.

kay wedding wire

This is surely not a considerable amount of review,s but this number would have mattered if Kay had been able to build a good repute otherwise.

James Allen v.s Kay on Yelp

The reviews on Yelp came off as a surprise to me. James Allen managed to hold a very mediocre reputation on Yelp.

james allen on yelp

The average of3-star ratings based on 274 reviews don’t look very rosy compared to what I have examined on other websites.

But Kay has managed to maintain its legacy on Yelp as well (not a good thing, though)

kay on yelp

The usualtwo2 stars. That is not something I am not used to seeing.

Why Is James Allen So Bad On Yelp

An average rating for James Allen on Yel; why is that? I don’t exactly know why they are specifically on Yelp. But one thing that I do know is that 1 out of, say, 100 customers of JA might experience a mishap. Unfortunately, they might have experienced something terrible on their end, which is not something out of the blue. Incidents happen. These reviews are the consequences.

However, I completely agree with what this person on Reddit has said:

why has james allen a bad rating on yelp

Yes, the sane thing to do is to consider the density of the total reviews. While Yelp has 274 reviews as of December 2020, Wedding Wire has around 1400 4.8 star average ratings.

Similarly, the response on Reddit is also great and suggests that the chance of a bad incident happening is very unlikely. And also, the overall service of James Allen is considerably better than Kay Jewelers.

Final Verdict

You wouldn’t be surprised if I said that I would recommend James Allen over Kay Jewelers any day, would you? Based on what I have gathered from all over the internet, the personal reviews of the customers as well as my own evaluation, I can safely say that James Allen is the winner here.

From efficient online shopping, and an attractive warranty policy, to very laudable customer support, James Allen has proven to be the best. The easy navigation of the website, live inspection of diamonds, 3d preview of the rings, easy customization, and designing of the ring from scratch – not many online retailers offer such a customer-friendly experience.

I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t vouch for the excellence of James Allen.

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