The 7 Best Earrings for Short Hair And Round Face

The easiest way to rock short hair is by pairing them with a perfect pair of earrings. But what type of earrings are actually perfect for short hair and a round face? If you need a little word of advice for choosing the right pair of earrings for your short hair, then don’t look elsewhere because you’re at the right place!

Earrings tend to peek a lot through short hair. Your earrings will be more visible and prominent in that pixie cut or short bob. So statement pieces are not really a thing for short hair. You can always stick to danglers, hoops, loops, tassels, and chandeliers. And not to mention studs which, by the way, are always a foolproof option. Ear cuffs or multiple ear piercings get along with short hair really well, as well.

A customized collection of the best earrings for short hair is waiting for you right below. Make sure to check it out!

Best Earrings for Short Hair

Below are the earrings best suited for short hair

Bamoer silver Crawler Cuff Earrings

Earcuffs are an ideal option for short hair. This beautiful pair of asymmetrical crawler earrings from Bamoer is our number one recommendation for women with short hair.

It is accented with crystal clear cubic zirconia in a flower and leaf design. One of the earrings is made to cover the whole ear while the other one just sits on the lobe. For a stunning look, tuck your hair behind the ear with the crawler earring to make it prominent and eye-catching.

This pair of earrings will give a trendy and stylish look for work, school, dinner, or even a party. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Moreover, they are hypoallergenic. Perfect for a chic look.

Short hair and ear cuffs; name a better combo than that. We’ll wait!

Peora Classic Solitaire Stud Earrings

A foolproof option for anyone and everyone, studs are an amazing way to complement short hair and a round face. These premium white gold studs from Peora are going to be a luxurious addition to every look of yours.

The quality and authenticity of Peora jewelry are unrivaled. And we love how these exquisite studs add a subtle, classy feel to even a casual everyday look. This pair of studs are manufactured with 14k white gold.

Other than the white gold, the gemstone adds a good amount of charm to these studs. They are available in genuine topaz and quartz, while options in created gemstones are also available.

The peculiar color range of the studs makes them stand out with short hair even more. The studs look very dainty and are going to grab you a lot of compliments.

Sterling Silver Diamond Shape Drop Earrings

This pair of earrings from the Amazon collection is a modern-day classic. These earrings are more of a contemporary chandelier style, giving a classy and modern touch to every look.

The earrings are crafted in a diamond shape composed of small diamond pendants with cut-out centers. The cutouts have been crafted to perfection with fantastic quality.

The earrings go perfectly well with any outfit. They don’t look too over the top, and that is what we love about them the most. They’ll look stunning with a short haircut when styled properly.

The material is genuine sterling silver, and the fish hook post makes them a comfortable everyday accessory.

Viennois Round Disc Dangle Earrings

A chic and trendy pair of earrings that looks more than perfect with short hair. Not to exaggerate, but they look like they were made for styling with short hair.

The size and design of these dangle earrings from Viennois are appropriate for short hair. The plain round circle drop looks ideal for minimal styling. These dangle earrings look unique and grab a lot of attention.

Short hair tied in a ponytail or braided at the back paired with this stylish pair of earrings will bring your everyday look to life. They are very versatile in that they can be worn on multiple occasions. Also, they are safe for sensitive ears.

Highly recommended!

14K Rose Gold Chain Dangle Earrings

Sleek threader earrings add the perfect touch of femininity to your look. You’ll never regret pairing these beautiful drop earrings with your short hair.

The fine chain is manufactured with white gold or rose gold with a solid gold rod on one end which makes them effortlessly glide through the ears.

The beautiful cubic zirconia in a bezel setting drops from the other end of the chain which gives them all their elegance.

The 14k gold chain and bezel set cubic zirconia of these threaders will add a dainty touch of luxury to your overall look!

Wistic Gold Hoop Double Disc Earrings

These double-layered disc earrings are trending for all the right reasons. They look very trendy and chic when paired with the right kind of outfit.

These smooth layered disc earrings from the Wistic Store will add an eye-catching shine to your look. The discs are smooth and plain, which makes them perfect for a subtle glam look.

They look great with ponytails or gelled-back short hair. This pair of earrings is made from stainless steel with 14k gold plating. They are recommended for long wear as they retain their shine and color for a generous amount of time.

Makone 36 Pair Fashion Earrings

We did approve of multiple earrings in the beginning. And we have this gorgeous option of 36 pairs of earrings that you can mix and match with any outfit and wear in multiple ear piercings.

This package from Makone Store consists of 36 pairs of earrings of various types of hoops, studs, tassels, and danglers. The quality of all earrings is up to the mark.

And we love how this set gives a huge variety of earrings to experiment with your short hair. These stylish earrings will work for any type of look. They are lightweight and comfortable. Definitely, a must-have! Thirty-six pairs of earrings for a few bucks; what else can you ask for?

What Type Of Earrings Are Best For Short Hair?

There’s a never-ending variety of earrings when it comes to short hair or any type of hair at all. It basically depends on the type of persona you want to portray. However, out of all the earring types, ear cuffs, dangle earrings, and studs are a foolproof option for short hair.

Threader earrings give more of an elegant and feminine look. At the same time, ear cuffs and multiple earrings deliver a chic and punky look. Studs are great for everyday accessorizing. In the end, it all depends on how comfortably you carry your style!

Some Styling Tips

  • Don’t go too overboard with your accessories. Wear jewelry that accentuates your overall look instead of catching all the limelight.
  • While selecting earrings, also take your face shape as well as skin undertones into consideration. Round earrings neutralize the look of square-shaped faces. On the other hand, geometrical earrings look great with round faces.
  • If your locks hide your ears, then opt for long earrings that drop down towards the neck. However, if your ears are easily visible, then ear cuffs and studs will be a great option.
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