Top 6 Best Earrings for Thick Earlobes

Having thick lobes doesn’t essentially mean that you cannot wear exquisite and delicately curated pairs of earrings.

Thick lobes are thought of as unattractive or a cause of nuisance as they require greater healing times and also, not all earrings are comfortable for them. But we think that thick earlobes are your chance to make your overall look very defining and bold.

Choosing the right pair of earrings will make you forget if thicker ear lobes were ever a problem to you. And we are here at your service to help you choose that right pair of earrings for your lobes.

In A hurry? Here is my top pick that would look stunning with thick earlobes. It’s the best one I’ve found so far after doing a ton of research.

Our Top Picks For Thick Lobe Earrings

If you’re someone with thick ear lobes then you’d definitely know the importance of the post and backing of an earring. Earrings that are considered to be more suitable for thick lobe are the ones with longer posts or wire backings, lever back earrings, hoops with hinged posts and a clasp, or continuous clip on hoops and studs. You can find an endless variety of these types of earrings.

However, we have made your task of finding the best earrings for thick ear lobes a lot easier by making a dedicated collection of earrings for thick lobes.

Here is a list of the best earrings for thick ear lobes

1- Stera Jewelry Store Threader

These earrings are perfect for anyone with thick ear lobes. It is our top pick because of how beautifully it has been crafted. These threader earrings are a combo of classic and contemporary design that is timeless yet unique.

Each earring is made with 14k gold filled wire wrapped around a genuine Amazonite stone in a drop dangle style. Since they are handmade, they have been crafted with great attention to detail. The threader style gives ultimate comfort to thick ear lobes. Getting them in your piercing is nowhere near a daunting task. Also, the back wire is long enough to help them stay secured in place.

The stone hangs from within the 14k gold filled wire in a tear drop style. It emits shades of green and turquoise. The Amazonite stone looks and feels as powerful as the river after which it is named. So these earrings will give a calm but powerful persona to you.

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2. 14K Gold Long Post Cubic Zirconia Earrings

These 14K Gold Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia Earrings will add sparkle to any earlobe. Decorated with genuine cubic zirconia stones, these sterling silver earrings provide a classic, understated alternative to precious metals and diamonds. The earrings are a perfect match for fat earlobes.

These are available in both white and yellow gold and various sizes. The screw backs make them secure from falling out, so you can wear the 24/7. The are shipped in a cute tiny jewelry box which makes them suitable for using as a gift for your loved ones.

3- Miabella Store Disc Studs

These endearing studs feature a leverback closure with a curved hook that enables your thick ear lobes to house them with great ease. The hook sits in the piercing very well and makes you stay comfortably accessorized all day long.

These studs exhibit a very delicate yet bold look at the same time. They are handmade and are your chance to show off a little everyday luxury. The material is 925 Sterling Silver polished with 18k gold. The round beads are flattened to give them a round dome shape. They are not flat discs, but little puffed like buttons.

This is one versatile pair of studs, giving you the opportunity to pair it up with work, casual, or formal outfits with utmost grace and confidence. The leverback style makes them especially suitable for thick lobes since the curved hook has plenty of space to sit in the ear.

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4- Amazon Essentials Sterling Silver  Earrings

These earrings form amazon essentials have a cubic zirconia stone that has a total weigh of one carat. These have been made with silver with a platinum plating making them suitable for sensitive ears. The are also available in silver and gold plating. The metal has a total weight of 0.44 grams. These are delivered in a nice little deluxe box make them a great gift. The butterfly backs will make them stay in place even if you are using them with thick earlobes.

These earrings will go with any outfit and look pretty real. These are the perfect set for any kind of casual or dinner wear.

5- Bling Jewelry Tear Drop Earrings

This gorgeous pair of earrings can catch anyone’s heart in a moment. They are beautiful and so very appropriate for thick ear lobes because they feature a french wire hook also known as fish hook. It is long enough to get through your thick lobes and still have ample space at the back to keep them hooked in place.

These dangle earrings feature a stunning semi precious gemstone in a long and flat teardrop style. The semiprecious gemstone is a black onyx in a pear shape set in 925 sterling silver. Sterling silver adds a generous amount of sparkle to these earrings which makes them a subtly luxurious addition to any look.

These earrings are around 2 inches in length and are very comfortable as well as lightweight for an all day wear. The fish hook glides through the lobes effortlessly and rests that way all day long. These semiprecious gemstone earrings will add a bohemian flair to your daily look.

6- Amkaka Bar Earrings

These bar stud earrings are a super trendy option. They can be comfortably worn on thick lobes for they feature a long post and a hanging chain with a butterfly back for clamping. The long post goes through the ears and leaves behind enough space at the back to clasp on the chain. Also, the hanging chain easily goes around the thick lobe and clasps to the post at the back.

These bar earrings are made with 925 sterling silver and are hypoallergenic. These are great for anyone who wants studs for their thick lobes but want something a bit more edgy than a plain stud. The trendy hanging chain and silver bar gives a chic style and edge to your look.

They are a classical and dainty addition to daily look of girls, teens, or adults. They are neither too over the top nor too plain and boring. Just the right amount of chic and trendy!

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7- Gemstone King Leverback Earrings

Another pair of absolutely captivating earrings perfect for a glammed look. These earrings feature a leverback closure and we cannot stress enough on how comfortable a leverback style is for thick ear lobes. It has a nice sized ear loop that can fit in your earlobes very well.

This pair is an amazing option for all the gemstone lovers as they feature a fiery oval, created ruby. The stones exhibit a gorgeous dark fuchsia to red color that will catch everybody’s attention. The ruby is 4 Ct in totality. Each stone is set in 18k yellow gold plated sterling silver. It is safe for sensitive ears as the silver is stamped 925 for authenticity.

Since these are 18k plated earrings, they would require care to prevent them from changing color. The overall size is great and can be worn for an elegant look. They give great value for money!

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8- Silver Light Jewelry Threaders

This gorgeous pair of threader style earrings is a versatile option for every type of ears or better yet every type of look. They can go well with a party dress or even a casual attire. These drop earrings are around 2.75 inches in length that makes them very suitable for thick ear lobes.

The thread glides through the ears and gives ultimate comfort while wearing. This pair of drop earrings feature a beautiful created opal stone in a subtle heart shape caged in a circle. The material is 925 sterling silver so it won’t cause any kind of irritations in the ear.

The bright blue heart shaped opal makes it a very enticing piece of accessory. You can sport these earrings with an elegant party look and grab all the compliments!

9- Brilliant Cut 18K Gold Plated Earrings

Made of solid 14k gold-plated (gold over sterling silver), this delicate pair of dainty studs can be worn to formal occasions as well as daily wear Absolutely breathtaking and perfectly simple, this pair of cubic zirconia stud earrings is for you. Lightweight and secure Perfect for a gift, anniversary or wedding.

The earrings have a total length of 6mm and come with push backs. They won’t turn your skin green since they have been plated with 14k gold. So, no need to worry if you have some really sensitive skin. Just give them a try, they look far more expensive than they look. They will add a classy touch to all your outfits.

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What Does It Mean To Have Thick Earlobes?

Thick ear lobes can be a cause of inconvenience to you, but they are associated with compassionate helpers of the world. While it’s not our job to associate meanings with body features, some Chinese face reading experts believe that people with thick ear lobes are very kind. They are the caregivers and teachers. They are empaths and lend a helping hand when the world is falling apart. So celebrate you thick earlobes, not everyone has what you have!

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