Top 5 Best Nose Rings for Sensitive Skin

The struggle of selecting a jewelry piece for sensitive skin is real. Finding something super attractive and putting it on, only to find out that your skin can’t befriend that piece of jewelry, is the most frustrating feeling ever. And when it comes to nose piercings, they’re super sensitive as compared to others.

To counter all those allergies and infections, you should know the type of metals you can wear. Luckily, there’s a variety of metals that are hypoallergenic and hence, are suitable for sensitive skins. The best nose rings for sensitive skins are the ones that are manufactured from Gold, Platinum, Titanium, or Surgical Stainless Steel. Despite being the safest, all of them are still not suitable for everyone.

Which Metals Are Suitable For Sensitive Skin?

There are a few metals that are recommended for sensitive skin. They are hypoallergenic. Getting allergic reactions to the following metals is highly unlikely.


Titanium is the safest metal for people with sensitive skin. Unlike other metals, it is not alloyed with nickel or cobalt, which are the main causes of allergic reactions. You can wear titanium jewelry without the fear of developing any infections or allergies. With titanium jewelry, there will be no rashes or irritation. Not even a change of skin color. Due to its high hypoallergenic properties, titanium is widely used for new piercings as well.


Gold is another great option for sensitive skin. However, not all types of gold are worth giving a shot at. To be on the safer side, always opt for gold that is solid 14k or higher. Pure 24k gold is also not suitable because it is prone to wear and tear upon usage. Gold-plated jewelry is another thing that you can’t wear without fear. Especially when you’re choosing a nose ring, gold plated is a huge no.

14k or 18k gold is the best option to go for when you’ve sensitive skin. Anything less than that will be too impure and more likely to cause reactions.


Another safe metal for sensitive skin is platinum. It contains 95% of the metal in pure form, so alloys such as nickel or cobalt do not stand a chance in platinum jewelry. Platinum jewelry is quite durable. It is one of the safest and best for sensitive skin. It is equally expensive as solid gold, but the expense is worth it when you want to steer clear of allergies.

Surgical Stainless Steel

A foolproof option to prevent allergic reactions is jewelry made from surgical stainless steel. Stainless Steel retains its color. Also, it does not cause irritation or rashes. It is free from nickel, lead, and cobalt, which means there is no way you can catch any allergy or infection. Surgical stainless steel jewelry does not offer a vast range of designs, but it is worth considering due to its hypoallergenic quality.

Best Nose Rings for Sensitive Skin

Here’s our exclusive collection of the best nose rings for sensitive skin. Each of them meets the safety requirements for sensitive skin, so choose your favorite one without any worries!

14k Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Nose Bone Stud

This very alluring nose stud by Body Candy is a very safe option for sensitive skin. Apart from that, it looks super gorgeous as well. This nose bone stud is curated in high-quality solid 14k yellow gold. It does not tarnish or leave stains like gold-plated jewelry.

14k yellow gold contains around 54% of pure gold and is alloyed with other metals. This measure of purity guarantees its hypoallergenic quality. The more pure the gold, the better it will be in preventing reactions. So this nose stud is a very genuine option for people with sensitive skin. 14k gold does not cause any allergic reactions to your piercing unless it is alloyed with a problematic metal like nickel or cobalt.

The nose bone features a 2mm Cubic Zirconia that makes it a very timeless and classy piece of jewelry. This combo of CZ and 14k gold shines like no other. Gauge 20 is ideal for nose piercings, and also, the 6mm post sits in the nose very comfortably. There isn’t possibly a reason for you not to buy it!

Body Candy Simulated Diamond Nose Hoop

This nose ring hoop will be a valuable addition to your accessories. Nose rings are a great way to intensify the femininity of your overall look. This exquisite nose ring hoop from Avora does that job amazingly.

The nose hoop is manufactured with solid 14k yellow gold. This 14k gold is free from nickel and is stamped for authenticity. The material is completely hypoallergenic, so you can safely wear this nose ring hoop all the time. The quality of the nose hoop is very fine, and hence, they do not leave stains on the skin.

To elevate the beauty of the gold hoops, a 2mm simulated diamond Cubic Zirconia has been prong-set in the ring. Gauge 20 ring is very easy to wear. One end is secured by a ball while the other firmly grasps the nostril. This nose ring hoop from Avora is the real deal for people with sensitive skin. It does not fall out easily and is a classic addition to any look.

Peak link Titanium Hinged Segment Clicker Ring.

A jewelry collection for sensitive skin without titanium accessories is not possible. Titanium is the safest option for the most sensitive of skins. This clicker nose ring is from PeakLink. It is manufactured with grade 23 Titanium which is the best of its kind.

This nose ring is very basic since it is just a plain titanium hoop. So it is a great option for an everyday basic look. Also, it is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want something too noticeable. The titanium metal does not cause any irritations or rashes. So this nose hoop is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

The hinged clicker style allows the hoop to stay secured in place for a long time. You can put on the hoops easily, but removing them will be quite a task. But that is a plus point, too, if you want to avoid the occasional falling out of the nose rings. Overall, this nose ring gives great value for money and is a must-have for sensitive skins.

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Fresh Trends Cubic Zirconia Gold Nose Stud

This one is a very sparkly stud that catches everyone’s attention within a moment. This nose bone stud is from Fresh trends, and it is made of solid 14k white gold, neither plated nor filled. Oftentimes, people experience allergic reactions to white gold, but this stud is quite an exception. It does not contain any traces of nickel which is the most problematic metal out of all. Since it is nickel-free, it will not cause any allergies.

These white gold nose studs feature a crystal clear cubic zirconia in a four-prong setting. The shiny white gold and cubic zirconia together create just the right amount of bling. The cubic zirconia lays flat on the nose and hence, doesn’t annoyingly get stuck in different things. Also, the post of the stud glides through the piercing very easily and stays secured in place.

The nose stud is available in different sizes of cubic zirconia ranging from 1.5-3.0 mm. This nose ring is a must-have for anyone with a pierced nose. Without a doubt, it is the most beautifully blinking nose stud so far. See nose rings for small noses here.

Body Candy Solid Platinum Ball Stud

Platinum jewelry is an expensive but worth buying option if you have sensitive skin. This platinum ball stud from Body candy makes a very basic everyday accessory. It is not accented with cubic zirconium or diamonds, so it is not a very attention-grabbing nose jewel.

But for a casual workplace or school look, this platinum nose stud is very appropriate. The 1.5 platinum ball on one end of the stud sits on the top of the nostril while the other end is screwed in place from the inside. This nose ring does not fall out due to its screw-back.

In terms of safety, it is one of the best options because platinum is the safest bet for sensitive skin. In terms of appearance, it is not too top-notch but still serves the purpose!

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What Type Of Nose Ring Is Best For Sensitive Skin?

To eliminate all possible risks of allergic reactions, you should buy a nose ring that is hypoallergenic. The material should be nickel and lead-free. Also, it is best to avoid plated jewelry because it is often alloyed with metals that don’t suit sensitive skin. The safest jewelry for sensitive skin is the one made from titanium, surgical stainless steel, gold, and niobium. 925 Sterling Silver is also suitable for some people, but not all. Also, knowing the type of metal you’re allergic to is great. This way, you’re open to more options, and you can select the best possible type of jewelry for yourself.

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