Are earrings allowed in passpoty photo

Can You Wear Earrings In A Passport Photo?

Well, you require a passport to pass the port and enter any country other than yours. For that, a passport photo is an obligation.

A few jewellery items are a regular part of your life. And the major ones are necklaces, earrings, studs and rings. At this, a question that cames into ones mind is that

Should these pieces of jewellery be removed when taking a photo for a passport?

First, the guidelines and rules for a passport photo are already enlisted, so if you don’t stick to those rules, there will be a delay in your application. Well the short but annoying answer to this question is abviously,

“It depends”

So basically Most Earrings Are Allowed

Well basically you can wear earrings for your passport photo.

Your can wear them while you are having a shot for a passport photo. It isn’t necessary to remove all kind of earrings off for passport photo, however some restriction do apply here which well discuss below.

Avoid Heavy and Large Earrings

In a passport photo wearing hats, sunglasses or ball caps, nothing is allowed.

And when earrings are concerned, one should avoid large and reflecting ones, because they add glare to your photo, which is of course not approved.

Instruction for a Passport Photo.

During the passport photo click, do keep in mind that both the sides of your face from the edges have to be visible.

And if you are wearing any jewellery piece, makesure it doesn’t cover any part of your face, especially your mouth, eyes and nose space, should be all clear.

In case, you have shiny metal pieces in your earrings or studs, take them off, because there shouldn’t be any light reflecting in your passport photo.

Therefore pieces of jewellery that reflect light are strictly prohibited.

Taking a High Quality Passport photo

If you want to be at a safe side, it’s better to have your passport photo click, without a flash.

Another hack to save your time and get selected is that maintain a safe distance from the light source when you are posing for your passport photo.

Use A Passport Photo Analyzer.

If you have taken a photo but are not sure if it will be approved or not, no need to worry about that.

Every Problem comes with a solution! Right!! is a website you can use to analyze if you photos..

They basically help you ensure that whether your passport photo meets all the guidelines, enlisted for the passport photo, or not!

This makes your journey easy and helps you understand that your photo for the passport will be accepted or not, and what rules to follow to make it acceptable.

So, if you want to be on a safe side make sure you check your photo with paspic.

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Are earrings allowed in US passport photo?

When taking a specific country into account, you must have to take a look at the rules and regulations of the particular state that issues the passport.

However, in general, earrings are allowed in most of the western countries, as long as they don’t cover any part of your face and are not reflective.

So, yes earrings are allowed in a US passport photo, with some exceptions.


 “If earring creates a bright white spot due to strong refection, the photo will be likely rejected.”

All in all, it’s best that you lookup for the rules of a particular country when going for a passport photo!

Earrings in A Canadian Passport Photo

The same rules go for the Canadian passport photo. The photo required by the passport office should have sufficient contrast between your appearance and the white background.

Also, head coverings are not allowed except for those worn for religious purposes. No large earrings are allowed and even the highly reflective ones.

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Points to be noted!

  • Your jewellery or any other facial piercing won’t cause any obstruction in your passport photo unless they keep your face all clear.
  • Once, they start hiding any part of or face. They cause issues, so they are not better to wear.

Tatoos are Allowed

 “Permanent tattoos do not cause any issue in your passport photo.”


Earrings are allowed in a passport photo of almost all western countries. Things to keep in mind are that they should not cover any part of your face and shouldn’t be highly reflective.

Also, if you want that your passport photo should be selected without any rejection and delay, read all the guidelines carefully and do use paspic.