Best Diamond Earrings under $200

Buying diamond earrings while staying on a budget sounds like a daunting task, right? But don’t worry because we have made it fairly easy for you by creating a lovely collection of diamond earrings that are under 200 dollars only.

You don’t really need to break your bank just for buying a pair of diamond earrings. You can find a few very mesmerizing pieces within a budget as well. Keep reading further and browse through our collection of the best diamond earrings for under $200.

Our Top Picks

We are pretty sure that you will find the perfect pair for yourself as you go through the undermentioned diamond earrings.

1- Diamond Heart Earrings

Feast your eyes on this beautiful pair of diamond studs from Natalia Drake. This beauty looks amazing as an everyday accessory. Apart from that, it also goes well at dinners or intimate parties.

These studs feature a 0.25 ct—natural diamond with a gorgeous brilliance and sparkle. The studs are made from 925 sterling silver embellished with 18 stones in a heart shape.

The clarity grades l2 and l3 of the diamond of these earrings do justice to the price. The size of these studs is quite small not gonna lie. But their sparkle makes up for their small size and doesn’t let them remain unnoticed.

This pair of diamond earrings can make a perfect gift for your loved ones as well!

2- Cluster Style Diamond Stud Earrings

Cushion-style earrings are a very elegant option that looks perfect on all occasions. This pair of studs from the Dazzling Rock Collection is meticulously crafted in a cushion shape.

A cluster of round white diamonds is studded on each earring that sparkle like no other. The diamond clarity grade is l1 and l2, which shines really brightly with little to no cloudiness.

The earrings are made from 14k yellow gold. A combination of gold and diamonds is always a glamorous option. These studs with 0.20 Cttw diamonds are secured by a screwback that helps them stay in place.

Overall, they are a great everyday choice as well.

3- J Shaped Diamond Hoops

Anyone looking for quality diamond earrings on a low budget should definitely try out these hoops. They retail for around fifty-five bucks, yet they will look mesmerizing on your ears.

These gorgeous j-shaped hoops are embellished with 0.15 ct-diamonds which emit an amazing sparkle and shine. Patterned metal surrounds the prong-set diamonds. This creates an illusion of facets of diamonds. The detailed crafting of these hoops makes them one utterly beautiful piece of jewelry.

They are available in 925 sterling silver, 10k, 14k, and 18k gold. Furthermore, options are also available for the type of back findings; pushback and screwback. You can choose either of them.

Just make sure to follow some basic jewelry care tips, and these hoops will be good to go for a long time.

4- Black Diamond Stud Earrings

Black diamonds look unique and symbolize the charisma of your personality. These black diamond studs will help you achieve a very classy appearance, as black diamonds are usually associated with power and authority.

The weight of these black diamond studs is 0.75 ct. This pair of earrings feature classic princess-cut black diamonds in a four-prong setting. Secured on the back by screw-on findings, these earrings will always stay in their place.

These diamond earrings will go well with casual outfits as well as any formal attire. Their versatility and unique beauty make them worthwhile.

Available in 14k rose, yellow, and white gold, these diamond studs are definitely a yes from our side!

5- Diamond Snowflake Dangle Earrings

If you want a little something more than studs, then these dangle earrings from Natalia Drake will be a perfect choice for you.

This pair of dangle earrings is manufactured with rhodium-plated sterling silver. The earrings consist of 0.5 Cttw natural diamonds studded on the metal forming a snowflake design.

These snowflake earrings are a trendy accessory that matches really well with formal outfits. Moreover, these earrings are quite comfortable to wear. They feature a lever back closure that helps them stay secure in place.

They give a good amount of bling and sparkle, which means they can serve as the perfect pair of low-budget diamond earrings.

6- 14k gold Round Cut Diamond Studs

You can never go wrong with the simple classic diamond studs. They look appropriate as an everyday accessory; apart from that, they work just as well, even for a glamorous event.

This pair of diamond studs is from Amazon Collection, and we love this timeless beauty. The classic solitaire cut in a four-prong setting of these studs keeps their charm alive forever.

These studs feature conflict-free diamonds achieved through the Kimberley Process. The diamonds are 0.33 Cttw. Other caratage options are also available.

The metal of these studs is 14k gold. Screw-on back findings secure these beautiful diamond studs in place very well.

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7- Diamond Hoop Earrings 925 SS

If you’re searching for something trendy in diamonds, then these diamond hoops should be a no-brainer for you.

These hoops are 0.75″ in diameter which means that they will look perfect with almost any look. The diameter is a perfect size. The hoops are studded on the front with 0.1 Cttw round diamonds.

The studded diamonds deliver an excellent sparkle and brilliance. The hoops are lightweight and hence, comfortable. The quality is good enough for the price.

Beautiful, sparkly, and trendy; if that’s all you want, then these hoops are going to be your best bet.

What Diamond Cut Is Best For Earrings?

The cut of a diamond plays a huge role in its overall appearance. The best cut for diamond earrings is a princess cut or a brilliant round cut. Princess cut is a square shape with pointy edges. The princess-cut diamonds look very elegant and suit most face shapes.

Round brilliant diamonds are another fantastic option when you’re looking for the best diamond earrings. Round brilliant is a classic shape and is known to deliver the most sparkle out of all types of cuts.

Other cuts such as cushion, radiant, and hearts look beautiful as well. Just depends on what type of look you’re rooting for.

How to Tell If a Diamond Earring Is Real?

There are various ways to check the authenticity of a diamond. You should not rely on a single method only, especially if it’s something you’re doing at home. Professional testing is most definitely reliable. However, at-home testing should be done not in one but in 2-3 ways to make sure it is real.

Some of these tests include the fog test, testing with jewelers’ loupe, checking the mounting of earrings, or a flashlight test. A more professional way is by heating the diamond, using a thermal conductivity probe, or by examination under a microscope.

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