What Color Jewelry Goes With Mustard Yellow Dress?

On days when you want to look bright and vivacious, a mustard yellow dress is a no-brainer. Mustard yellow is a sharp and bold color yet doesn’t look overblown if styled appropriately. 

A mustard yellow dress itself provides enough pop of color to your look. This means that you should rather color-coordinate it with neutrals and pastels to create a reasonable style. Therefore, when pairing jewelry with your mustard yellow dress, you gotta tone down the colors.

Anyway, let’s talk about it a bit in detail and find out some super gorgeous jewelry to pair with mustard yellow as you proceed through this guide!

What Color Jewelry Goes With Mustard Yellow Dress

What Colors Compliment Mustard Yellow?

Mustard yellow is a darker-toned yellow and you can make a lot of color combinations with it. Mustard looks great in contrast with neutrals and pastels but is not limited to that only. 

Learn to balance bright colors

Brighter colors such as fuchsia, magenta, and maroon also go really well with mustard yellow. But then, you need to learn to create a balance between mustard yellow and these bright colors. 

Excess of bright colors like fuchsia or hot pink wouldn’t look promising with the already intense shade of mustard yellow. 

Neutrals are your best bet

Neutrals such as gray, beige, ivory, black, and white look phenomenal with a mustard yellow dress. You can incorporate various accessories when playing with neutrals. 

In contrast to that, you can’t add a lot of accessories if you’re pairing your mustard yellow with brighter colors, else you’ll look quite extra. 


Similarly, mint, baby pink, peach, and lavender are a few of my favorite pastels to work with mustard yellow. Lavender and mustard yellow make one hell of a bright and merry combo. Likewise mint and mustard yellow make an unexpectedly beautiful color contrast. 

Blue – A perfect match?

Blue is yet another color that is a perfect match for mustard yellow. If you’re not too sure about other bright shades, blue is the color you should consider without a second thought!

What Color Accessories Go With Mustard Yellow Dress?

Accessorizing yourself with a sharp and piquant-colored dress such as mustard yellow can be intimidating at times. Keeping nice color coordination between everything you wear is challenging for some people. 

Anyway, many of the perfect color matches for mustard yellow have already been mentioned above. And you can use those very colors for accessorizing your mustard yellow dress. 

Mint green, various shades of blue, magenta, ivory, beige, lavender, and of course black look beyond perfect when paired with mustard yellow. 

But choosing the right color is not the only problem over here. At times it gets too difficult to find the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself, right?

To counter that problem, I’ll be taking you through my collection of the best jewelry to pair with a mustard yellow dress. 

What Color Earrings Go With Mustard Yellow?

Multiple colors of earrings compliment mustard yellow dresses. You can go for statement pieces in neutral color shades such as black, ivory, beige or white, etc. 

Blue also creates a dazzling look, especially darker shades of blue that go really well with mustard yellow.

However, if you want to go for brighter colors for your earrings such as red, hot pink, or others, then I’d suggest you to go for smaller pieces such as studs or huggie hoops, etc.

Just like this pair of fuchsia studs is an amazing match for your mustard yellow dress.

It is best to go for tied-back hairstyles for such small studs. A pop of fuchsia with bright mustard yellow is surely a drool-worthy combination.

The next one is a super chic combo that you can sport with everyday clothing or a day out. The combo of white with a tiny turquoise stone in this pair of earrings goes really well with the warm hues of mustard yellow.

Lastly, another go-to option for me is this pair of denim/blue colored earrings with a touch of silver in the frame. 

These earrings are great for casual wear and pretty much appropriate for formal wear as well.

What Color Necklace Goes With a Mustard Yellow Dress?

Necklaces should be chosen very wisely for a mustard yellow dress. You need to know that not everything is going to look great. A lot will depend on the type of your dress as well as the look you’re rooting for. 

Anyway, check out some of my favorite recommendations that look stunning with shades of mustards and yellow. 

A very gorgeous option is this statement necklace in white with slight hues of beige, ivory, and gold.

This necklace is an ‘all in one’ with the best neutral shades that you can pair with mustard yellow.

Next one is also a statement necklace that I am a fan of! It is a combination of green, teal, and mint, hence, creates a beautiful contrast with mustard yellow. 

This bib necklace looks especially gorgeous with off-shoulder dresses and halter necklines. However, it’s surely not limited to that only.

If you’re a fan of minimalistic jewelry, then you’re going to love my next recommendation. 

This pendant in a purplish and mauve hue complements the sharp tones of mustard yellow really well. Makes a very charming combo!

What Color Ring For Mustard Yellow?

Experiment with a lot of colors when choosing a ring with a mustard yellow dress. You can go for neutrals, darker shades, pastels, or the brightest ones as you like. 

This drop-dead gorgeous ring with a diamond blue topaz is a perfect shade of powder blue and looks enchanting when worn in contrast with a mustard yellow dress. 

Another beautiful option that can be sported with a mustard yellow dress is this oval halo ring with a white simulated opal. White is one of the best neutrals that create a stunning contrast

One last recommendation that I have for you is an exquisite cushion-cut gemstone ring. 

The dark purple amethyst prong-set in 10k is a perfect match for your mustard yellow dress.


Mustard yellow is a gorgeous warm shade that can look both relaxing and sophisticated as well as bold and sharp depending on the colors you combine with it. You can try out all types of colors with mustard yellow, there’s honestly no restriction. 

But there are certain shades that really accentuate the beauty of the mustard yellow color and bring out the best in your look. So make sure whatever you choose doesn’t look awfully odd. And just remember to stick to some basic guidelines!

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