Jeulia Jewelry Review (Legit or Scam?)

Jewelry shouldn’t always be just about accessorizing yourself. The jewelry you wear should be the embodiment of your personality. But well, not every jewelry manufacturer offers that, nor do they have to!

Jeulia creates jewelry that is something more than a mere accessory. If your aim is to look like a vision, then you gotta make a stop at Jeulia’s virtual jewelry store and find yourself some premium jewelry. 

Before you get into that, just have a quick overview of Jeulia Jewelry so that you know if it’s your cup of tea or not!

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About Jeulia

The launch of Jeulia jewelry dates back to 2014. For over 6 years now, handicraftsmen and artisans at Jeulia are designing authentic and unique pieces with devotion. All of their bespoke jewelry is produced at their design studios headquartered in Hong Kong. 

Jeulia aims to create an emotional connection between its customers and their jewelry. They strive to produce jewelry that is the true representation of the wearer. 

They offer traditional, bold, timeless as well as contemporary jewelry at fair prices. 

Website Navigation 

The website of Jeulia… umm I wouldn’t say that I am a fan of it. Because I personally like websites that are neat and kempt and allow you to unveil stuff step by step. The homepage of Jeulia is a total contradiction to that. 

It is teeming with items here and there. You’ll see best sellers, new arrivals, an option to shop by category, lots of featured photos, and a roadmap to learn more about Jeulia… literally everything on the home page. 

But anyway, let’s not just focus on the bad. The classification of their categories makes amends for all of that. I absolutely love the way they’ve classified their Wedding Rings. You can shop By Type, By Style, or even By Stone Shape. 

In addition, I am satisfied by the number of filtering options as well. You can sort out the items according to the stone color, stone shape, stone carat, style, plating color, and whatnot!

Overall, the ease of browsing at Jeulia’s website is commendable and the website offers a hassle free shopping experience. 

Store Location 

As mentioned earlier, the design studios of Jeulia are headquartered in Hong Kong. But the main office is located in California. 

However, these two locations do not function as retail stores. In fact they don’t have any retail locations anywhere in the world. This means you can shop from Jeulia only by visiting their e store i.e. their website. 

6 years past their launch, Jeulia doesn’t seem to have any plans of opening up their retail chains in order to avoid extra costs associated with physical storefronts.


Jeulia is quite flexible in terms of its price range. You can easily find super affordable rings, bracelets, and other jewelry. You’ll get to see some expensive premium jewelry options as well. 

Anyway, I’ll be showing you both kinds just so you can have a general idea about their price range. First I started browsing through their rings, engagement rings to be precise. And oh well … I didn’t think I’d get to see a $60 option in this section. 

This particular ring features a round-cut Jeulia diamond and is quite pretty. It may not be the best option for an engagement ring though

Anyway, I did find out that the most expensive engagement ring they have, retails for $250. The average price for Jeulia rings is somewhere around 100 to 150 bucks.

Moving on to the price range of Jeulia’s statement necklaces. These necklaces are way too gorgeous and so is their price. You won’t anything for less than $300 and the prices for their statement necklaces can hike up to $700. 

This tennis necklace, for instance, costs $699 but is on sale right now and you can get it for $399 only

Overall, Jeulia is one the best places if you’re in search of mid-range but exquisite jewelry. Jeulia is the right place to spend your money in exchange for gorgeous and sustainable jewelry.


Quality is something that can’t be compromised on. Especially if you’re spending a good amount of money, you don’t expect to receive some tacky looking crap. And it’s one of the biggest concerns associated with e stores like Jeulia. 

It takes a lot of time to build a good reputation and satisfying majority of customers. But Jeulia has successfully built a promising reputation for their jewelry in a really short span. 

The better part of their clientele is satisfied with the quality. Most them are even astonished by the incredible resemblance of Jeulia stones to actual diamonds. Their jewelry is made by authentic 925 sterling silver that helps the jewelry to retain its appearance over time. 

The stones used in Jeulia Jewelry are durable and give quite a bit of competition to real diamonds (as claimed by many customers). Moreover, they offer a 1-year warranty as well by which you can get free repairs and maintenance

All in all, their jewelry is perfect fusion of sparkle, class, durability and affordability. The quality does justice to the prices. And I kinda don’t have any major concerns about the quality 



Jeulia is based in the USA with its main office in California, thereby, they definitely do deliver in America. 

But besides that, they have their clientele all over the world and so they provide international shipping to almost every country as well. A standard, express, and 3 day shipping is offered by them. 

However, shipping to P.O. boxes or military addresses is done through the standard delivery service only. 


First, let’s talk about delivery charges in the US and then we’ll move on to the international shipping charges. 

For US-based orders, Jeulia offers free standard shipping for all orders over $99, while this amount will vary if you’re going for express service.

For international orders, the shipping charges will vary according to the region you’re based in. To calculate the shipping costs for your country, you just have to visit this page on their website. 

Choose your country from the drop-down menu in the International Shipping section. And you’ll get all the details. Simple as that!

Overall, they’ve done a pretty good job by providing worldwide shipping as well as the shipping costs are bearable. 

Return Policy

There are times when you’re not satisfied with your online purchases and that’s when the return policy comes into play. 

Jeulia stands behind all their products and offers a hassle-free 30-day return and exchange policy. If you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can file a return or exchange claim very easily. 

A hassle-free return policy like this one gives you enough confidence to shop without fretting over the waste of your money. Just make sure that your items are in undamaged and unworn conditions else they wouldn’t be eligible for a return. 

Also, refunds are processed within 5 days. However, a 35% restocking fee as well as shipping cost is deducted from the refund amount. 

The return and exchange policy at Jeulia is not something I’d rave about. But it is not something that needs criticism either!

Customer Support 

Jeulia believes in delivering excellent customer service and hence, they offer multiple options to get in touch with their team, at your disposal. 

You can either email them at this address [email protected] OR you can have live one-on-one chat with their customer service representatives on the website between 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday – Sunday (PST/PDT)

In addition, you can call them @ 1-888-219-8158 between 9:00 AM -12:00 PM & 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM, Monday – Sunday (PST/PDT) 

Jeulia Jewelry Customer Reviews

I wasn’t surprised at all by the number of mixed reviews about Jeulia by its customers. It’s pretty common for every jewelry brand, especially the ones that are based online.  But the good thing is that the negative reviews do not outnumber the positive ones and that gives a lotta hope about Jeulia’s jewelry.

Anyway, let’s see the average response of customers from all over the world.

Starting off with a positive review, the customer seems very satisfied!

“I have to keep separate from my real ones because I cannot tell apart” Well, sounds like quite a stretch but who knows … might actually be true!

Well obviously, I didn’t only come across the positive ones. There were some extremely frustrated customers like this one too:

Final Thoughts

All in all, I wouldn’t say that I’m head over heels for Jeulia’s jewelry. But it is definitely an option good enough to try. You might not want to consider it for engagement or wedding rings particularly. But it’ll be worth a shot for other occasions. They offer good quality jewelry in affordable prices and that reason alone is good enough to shop from them!

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