What Color Jewelry Goes With Rose Gold Dress?

Rose gold is one of my absolute favorites from the metallic color palette. Rose gold is a gorgeous pink with soft gold hues, hence, it effortlessly pairs with other metallics and makes a stunning contrast.

Anyway, if you’re wondering what color jewelry would look best with your rose gold dress then make sure to stick to this guide. You’ll find all the contrasts that you can make to create a statement with your rose gold dress.

A comprehensive insight into color coordination with rose gold and a few stunning jewelry pieces that you can try out with your outfit, let’s get into it!


What Colors Complement Rose Gold Color?

Making combinations with colors from the metallic color palette is not easy usually. However, rose gold is one of those colors that’ll allow you to pull off statement looks even with odd combinations. 

Metallic colors

First of all, let’s talk about metallic colors that look good with rose gold. The amazing complementary color of rose gold is silver. Silver blends in really well with rose gold while adding the perfect sparkly accent to the rosy hues of the rose gold color. 

You can also pair rose gold with yellow gold. Pure yellow gold does not really make a nice combo, however, yellow gold that falls more towards bronze shades makes an attractive match with rose gold.


Other complementary colors include champagne, cream, ivory, white and white gold. Well, these were some mainstream combinations that look good no matter what. However, let’s talk about the unusual now. 

Try out some unusual combinations

Ever thought of pairing rose gold with teal? If not, then make sure to do that next time. It creates one phenomenal contrast. Also, lilac, gray, baby blue, coral, mint green, peach, and white look extraordinarily beautiful when paired with rose gold. So make sure to give these combinations a shot, if you want to make a statement!

What Color Jewelry Looks Good With Rose Gold Dress?

Unlike other metallic colors that leave no room for you to experiment with colors, rose gold is complemented by quite a lot of colors. This means you can choose jewelry in different shades for your rose gold dress.

For luxurious looks

For royal and luxurious looks, it is best to pair your rose gold dress with jewelry in similar tones. Your best resort would be jewelry in rose gold, champagne, dull yellow gold, or silver. 

For unique statement looks

However, if you’re one of those people who crave something other than the usual then you can mix and match your rose gold dress with other colors. The best options are teal, lilac, gray, light blue, lilac, coral, peach, and mint green.

Your rose gold outfit can also be paired with jewelry containing colors such as baby pink, rose pink, or a slight hint of fuchsia. 

For a subdued look

For a subdued and neutral look, you can pair your rose gold outfit with white, ivory, or cream colors. These colors tone down the goldish tinge in the rose gold and make you look subtle and elegant.

What Color Earrings Should I Wear With Rose Gold Dress?

The earrings you choose for your outfit will either make or break your look. Rose gold emanates a very luxurious look so I mostly like to create super classy and elegant looks with it. And so I like to sport earrings in metallic colors when I have to style a rose gold dress because they do that job really well.

So first of all, silver earrings look gorgeous with rose gold dresses. And this pair of silver cubic zirconia earrings are a great choice for parties, weddings, and other formal events. Silver earrings are a wonderful complimentary accessory for a rose gold dress.

Next, I also like to go rose gold over rose gold. A foolproof way to look exquisite is to pair your rose gold dress with a rose pair of earrings. You can check out one of my favorite pairs of hoops in rose gold with Swarovski Zirconia for some inspo!

Lastly, I know we all love to create combinations out of the box at times. And for those times you can try out odd colors such as teal, lilac, fuchsia etc. One of my favorites tried and tested combos is this pair of Geode stone earrings in aqua color. It contains a gold tone that blends in really well with the metallic hues of rose gold and hence, makes an outstanding contrast.

What Color Necklace Should I Wear With Rose Gold Dress?

You can try out many colors in necklaces for your rose gold dress. You can add a slight touch of color to your outfit by playing with different necklaces. 

If you want to stick to a classy and luxurious persona then, your best bet would be necklaces in metallic tones such as gold, and silver. However, if you want to create a unique statement look then do so by adding unusual colors to your outfit (the ones that complement obviously)

Necklaces in silver, white, ivory, rose gold, mint, lilac, coral, and peach look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous with a rose gold dress. 

Anyway, let’s have a look at some beautiful neckpieces that you can flaunt with your rose gold dress.

Starts off with a very dainty pendant featuring vintage pink crystal in a rose gold setting. This necklace is the perfect piece of adornment that can be added effortlessly to any rose gold outfit to enhance rosy hues in the overall look. 

The next one is extremely exquisite neckwear in white gold plating. The necklace is entirely embellished with Cubic Zirconia and looks utterly phenomenal when paired with a rose gold dress. It is a great choice for weddings and parties. 

The last one is a statement bib necklace in white with chunky rhinestones. This is perfect for days when you want to look subdued yet want to stick to making statements with your outfit.

What Color Ring Goes With Rose Gold Dress?

If you’re skeptical about adding odd colors to your rose gold dress with earrings or necklace, then you shouldn’t definitely miss the chance to do so with rings. 

Rings in odd colors create an unrivaled contrast with a rose gold dress. Try out all the complementary colors such as blue, lilac, gray, purple, mint green, fuchsia, white, beige, ivory, and of course colors from the metallic color palette. 

An absolutely aesthetic combination that you can make with your rose gold dress is by flaunting this amethyst gemstone ring in a sterling silver setting. The deep purple hues of the amethyst add a stunning accent to the outfit.

Another great option is this sterling silver ring that features a very pale green-colored amethyst and would effortlessly match with your rose gold dress. 

Lastly, this bright pink ruby ring is the best way to add a splash of color to your rose gold dress. It will make a charming contrast with the dull rose gold tinge of your dress.


Rose gold is surely one of those colors that looks effortlessly classy and pairing the right kind of jewelry with a rose gold dress will help you add the perfect accent to your look. 

I hope you did find some inspiration as we went through all the chic and trendy color combinations for a rose gold dress. Lastly, I’ll just say that always try to play with colors while accessorizing yourself and exploring unusual combos!

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