What Is the Best Cut for a Diamond?

Diamonds are precious stones and are a symbol of social status as well as love. Many people prefer a diamond ring for their engagement. 

The cut of the center stone of the diamond plays a vital role in how it looks on your finger or your neck. There are many different diamond shapes available in the market other than the usual round brilliant-cut diamond. 

Each diamond cut sparkles in its own way and has its own pros and cons. For instance, princess-cut diamonds have the same brilliance and fire as round-cut diamonds, but they cost less and may give your finger an angular shape.  

If you love to wear vintage settings instead, then a cushion-cut diamond might be more to your liking. So, what is the best cut for a diamond?

What Is the Best Cut for a Diamond

Which Is the Best Diamond Cut?

The simple answer is, there is no single ‘best diamond cut’. Choosing the best diamond cut depends on your personal liking and the type of occasion. 

Moreover, the diamond you intend to purchase should be aesthetically pleasing to your eye and should be within your budget. We have narrowed down some of the best diamond cuts that may suit your needs. Let’s look at them below.

Different types of diamond-cuts
Different types of diamond cuts

1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Round Brilliant-Cut Diamond

This diamond cut is mainly for those who want the brightest stone on their finger.

Round brilliant-cut diamonds have been the most popular diamond cut for many centuries. It has 58 facets from which light enters and is reflected before leaving the diamond. That’s why it has such high brilliance compared to other diamond cuts available on the market.

Another great feature of these round brilliant cut diamonds is that they can adjust to any setting. They also look beautiful as accent stones. 

It is easier for you to make your engagement ring more beautiful by adding a few round diamonds as side stones onto a center stone that is round. That is why almost 70 percent of diamond engagement rings have a round diamond at their center.

But it requires a lot of skill and precision to make the brilliant round cut from a rough diamond. Almost 70 percent of the rough diamond goes to waste while making the round brilliant cut. So they can be relatively more expensive compared to other diamond cuts.

2. Princess-Cut Diamond 

Princess-cut diamond

If you want brilliance on your fingers but have a budget constraint, then you may want to choose a princess-cut diamond. 

This diamond cut is usually square or rectangular and looks relatively modern. The best thing is they consist of several facets, which will give almost the same sparkle and brilliance as a round brilliant cut.

When making princess-cut diamonds, a very low percentage of the rough diamonds goes to waste. This is why these diamonds cost less compared to round brilliant cuts.

The perfect geometrical shape of the princess cut and its exceptional sparkle can be spectacular for any special occasion.

3. Cushion-Cut Diamond

Cushion-cut diamond

If you are looking for a diamond that has a lot of fire (sparkles or flashes), the cushion cut may be the one for you.

Cushion-cut diamonds are square in shape, but their corners are round to give an elegant look to your finger. It is a cross between the round brilliant cut and the princess cut diamond. It has numerous facets, which is why it has more fire than a round brilliant cut. 

The cut of the diamond looks like a cushion or pillow, giving it its name. It has numerous facets, allowing it to sparkle gorgeously on the finger.


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4. Emerald-Cut Diamond

Emerald-cut diamond

If you want to buy a diamond that looks big on your finger, then choose an emerald-cut diamond. 

The surface area of the emerald diamond cut is bigger than other cuts in the same price range. So it looks much bigger than its actual size. The table of this diamond cut is wide, with steps going deep down. The step style gives a hall of mirrors effect, which is quite attractive.

Although emerald-cut diamonds do not produce as much sparkle and brilliance as round-cut diamonds, their hall of mirrors effect will give an elegant look to your finger.

5. Marquise-Cut Diamond

Maquise-cut diamond

A marquise-cut diamond is another style that can make a diamond look big, largely due to its elongated shape.

Marquise cut diamonds are round on the sides, and their edges are pointed (somewhat oval-shaped but with pointed corners).

It has numerous facets, which give a decent sparkle to the diamond ring. The marquise-cut diamonds are a symbol of royalty. Your hand will look elongated by wearing this diamond cut.

6. Oval-Cut Diamond

Oval-cut diamond

This is another cut that is low on price and high on size. The oval cut diamond is an evergreen diamond cut and a cut that will never go out of style. It has 58 facets. 

Oval-cut diamonds are less expensive than round cuts because they are not as much in demand. Secondly, less rough diamond gets wasted when making an oval cut.

7. Pear-Cut Diamond

Pear-cut diamond

If you are in the market for a unique and personalized diamond shape, the pear cut is an excellent choice.

Pear shape diamonds look like a teardrop. It can be considered a combination of oval and marquise shape diamonds.

The pear shape is one of the oldest diamond cuts, and everyone can wear it, including brides and both young and older women. This diamond cut appears much larger than its size on your finger.

However, there is one downside to purchasing this diamond cut. The pointed edges may chip more easily. So, they are protected with a bezel or half V setting.

8. Asscher-Cut Diamond

Asscher-cut diamond

Asscher-cut diamonds are a symbol of old-world royalty and romance.

The Asscher cut is almost the same as an emerald-cut diamond, but it is square in shape rather than rectangular in shape. Again, inner cutting is done in various steps, which can hide inclusions or impurities very well.

The best thing about this diamond cut is that the corners don’t have any pointed edges. So, there is no chance of chipping. It also produces extraordinary shine and has a unique, eye-catching reflection pattern for any occasion.

9. Radiant-Cut Diamond

Radiant-cut diamond

The radiant cut is another elegant yet comparatively less expensive cut option.

The radiant-cut diamond is a combination of emerald cut and round brilliant cut. The corners of the radiant-cut diamond are trimmed and have a unique sparkle that looks beautiful.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best diamond cut for any special occasion depends on many things. But in the end, you need to select one that will look attractive on your finger, suits your own taste and is available within your budget. 

We hope this article was able to help you make the right selection for your ring! Do share your thoughts with us.


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