As a diamond and jewelry enthusiast, I love writing about gemstones and exploring the fascinating world of diamonds. After my own online search to find the best diamond engagement ring for my fiance, I decided to share my knowledge and started this blog. Hopefully, it will help you navigate the web to find your perfect diamond as well!

Top 5 Best Earrings to Sleep In

Well if you are here looking for the best Earrings you can sleep in, It’s pretty obvious that you would be aware of the effects of wearing allergenic earrings. No Idea? No worries, Just keep reading.   First of all, you need to know what sleeper earrings are?  What are Sleeper Earrings?  Sleeper earrings are specifically designed for people with newly pierced ears. They are …

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James Allen Vs. Blue Nile

For all the diamond connoisseurs out there, I have two leading online stores that manufacture impeccable diamonds and diamond jewelry, in contrast, today.  No doubt that the Blue Nile is a veteran in the diamond marketplace but its opposing counterpart, James Allen, is no less in terms of its jewelry as well as services.  Having …

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James Allen Financing Review

Purchasing diamonds from a leading diamond store may be a long-lost dream for many because, boy, oh boy! Look at those damn price tags. Not everybody can afford to pay thousands of dollars in one go. Even if you do pay all at once, you’ll most likely struggle with maintaining the cash flow for months.  …

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Jeulia Jewelry Review (Legit or Scam?)

jeulia logo

Jewelry shouldn’t always be just about accessorizing yourself. The jewelry you wear should be the embodiment of your personality. But well, not every jewelry manufacturer offers that, nor do they have to! Jeulia creates jewelry that is something more than a mere accessory. If your aim is to look like a vision, then you gotta …

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Diamond Veneer Review (Legit Or Scam?)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Yeah, that’s what everyone says, and of course, we can’t deny the love of women for diamonds. But what also needs to be brought to light is the fact that diamonds aren’t always affordable for everyone out there.  What’s the alternative, then? Most likely a tacky-looking Cubic Zirconia, right? …

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KBeads Review (Is KBeads A Scam?)

Jewelry making is an art, and justice can be done with this art only if the resources and jewelry-making supplies are phenomenal both in terms of quality and appearance.  Finding the right type of jewelry-making supplies is not a piece of cake. But when you have a company such as KBeads in the market, you …

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Roma Designer Jewelry Review

Jewelry Brand Review Ritani Tacori Tiffany

More often than not, buying premium quality jewelry means that it’s going to cost you a fortune. But that’s certainly not the case when you have retailers like Roma Jewelry in the market. Roma Designer Jewelry provides the most lavish jewelry but at a fraction of the market costs. Its aim is to bring the …

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Bonito Jewelry Review

Bonito Jewelry

Adornments make you glitter and shine, turning all attention towards you when you enter a room. Nice necklaces, hoops, and sparkling rings catch notice. And nowadays, everyone is aware of that! How many jewelry items did you look at other people wearing at the last party, and wonder “Oh I wish I had that!”? This …

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U7 Jewelry Review (Is It A Scam?)

U7 Jewelry

Are you looking for top-quality jewelry with simple and stylish designs? The U7 jewelry store has a collection of meaningful jewelry for any occasion you wish to wear it. It mainly designs real gold and rhodium plated fashion jewelry with neat and attractive textures It has got its unique name from its motto: ‘Love U …

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Sunshine Jewelry Review (Is It Worth Your Money?)

sunshine jewelry

Sunshine jewelry is an online jewelry shop that deals in a diverse range of accessories ranging from bracelets, chains, and charms to zodiac, wedding, and bridesmaid jewelry. Sunshine jewelry manufactures inexpensive jewelry for men, women, and children. They are basically the manufacturers of gold-filled jewelry ranging from 10k to 18k gold fill. Therefore, the best …

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