Hi, I am Esther! I am the co-founder of Entire Looks and I love everything bling! I've worked for the Amsterdam Diamond Company and in this capacity, visited many interesting places all over Europe related to gemstones and jewelry. As a jewelry lover, I've blogged about trends, fashion, and news related to jewelry for over 15 years. I also got my goldsmith education to create my own jewelry.

Everything About Baguette Diamonds

Baguette Diamonds

Buying a diamond ring can be a matter of debate. People’s opinions about the various shapes, such as round brilliant cut, pear or heart shape, emerald cut, or cushion cut, are very diverse and individualistic. One shape that perhaps fewer people have heard about or seen is a baguette cut. This article is a guide …

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What Is CTTW for Diamonds?

What Is CTTW for Diamonds

If you are looking for diamond earrings offline or online, you will see the tag CTTW along with cut quality, color, clarity, and carat. You might be wondering what this term represents. CTTW stands for Carat Total Weight. In this article, I will discuss total carat weight and how it differs from the carat weight …

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James Allen Yellow Diamonds


Are you thinking of buying a yellow canary diamond for your engagement? If yes, then this post is for you. Many people think that diamonds can only be colorless. However, diamonds are available in various colors, with yellow being the most common.  Yellow diamonds give you a bold, elegant, and luxurious look for every special …

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How Big Is a 4 Carat Diamond?

A diamond is a symbol of elegance and beauty. It sparkles like a shining star on your finger. If you wear a 4 carat diamond on special occasions, it will surely make your day even more special. But what does 4 carat mean? Carat signifies the weight of a diamond. A four-carat diamond weighs nearly …

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Does James Allen Use Real Diamonds?

James Allen is one of the most popular online diamond retailers that ship diamonds all over the world. It is well known for its good prices and even better customer service. But new online buyers may be confused when they see the lower price tags on their diamonds and wonder whether James Allen sells real …

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Jewelry You Can Wear In The Shower


Many women like to wear jewelry to enhance their beauty, showcase their social status, or as a symbol of femininity. Wearing jewelry makes a woman feel confident, bold, and beautiful.  But we often forget to take care of our expensive jewelry in the hustle-bustle of everyday life. For example, do you take off jewelry every …

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What Are Fancy Yellow Canary Diamonds?


You might think diamonds are colorless. But no, diamonds can occur in various colors like blue, yellow, and even orange. Interstitial impurities or structural defects cause coloration in diamonds.  For instance, sometimes nitrogen atoms are dispersed all over the crystal during the formation of the diamond. This gives the appearance of intense yellow or yellow …

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