Everything About Baguette Diamonds

Buying a diamond ring can be a matter of debate. People’s opinions about the various shapes, such as round brilliant cut, pear or heart shape, emerald cut, or cushion cut, are very diverse and individualistic. One shape that perhaps fewer people have heard about or seen is a baguette cut. This article is a guide for you to learn everything about baguette diamonds

While they are not as popular, baguette-cut diamonds hold their own in the jewelry industry because they are cheaper than round and emerald-cut diamonds. 

These baguette diamonds have a long rectangular shape, typically five times longer than their width. They have only 14 facets which is much less than other diamond cuts like round brilliant and princess cuts. The lack of facets makes it hard to hide inclusions or impurities in these diamonds.

Baguette diamonds are more often used as side stones rather than center stones. This is because they are thin and long, which makes them perfect to put on the ring, and they enhance the brilliance of the centerpiece diamond by adding sparkle on the sides.

Baguette Diamonds

What Are Baguette Diamonds?

The word baguette has its origins in French; it means a long thin loaf of bread. Baguette-cut diamonds are long and rectangular and look a bit similar.

These diamonds can have straight or tapered edges. Both straight and tapered baguettes are used as accent diamonds, but the most popular form is the straight baguette. Some diamonds can also be square, but they are usually long and thin.

Baguette-cut diamonds are mainly purchased for their luster and are commonly used as side stones. Baguette-cut diamonds have only 14 facets, whereas other diamond cuts have more than 58 facets. That’s why these diamonds don’t sparkle as much as round brilliant cut diamonds. 

Baguette-cut diamonds are the perfect mixture of vintage and modern styles. These diamonds are small and can be used in engagement and wedding rings. Their narrow and elongated shape makes them look elegant and beautiful in an eternity band.

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History of Baguette Cut Diamonds

The baguette cuts originated in the 20th century, mainly during the Art Deco and Art Nuevo periods. Western artists appreciated the cut and used it in the form of jewelry. The art movement was popular, making the baguette cuts quite famous among jewelry makers. 

These cuts became the center point of almost all jewelry, especially diamond jewelry. Jewelers started using baguettes in bracelets, pendants, rings, and almost all other jewelry forms. Today, you will find baguette-cut diamonds in almost every jewelry store worldwide.

What Is the Difference Between Emerald Cut and Baguette Cut Diamonds?

One might confuse emerald and baguette diamond cuts. Baguette-cut diamonds belong to the step-cut family, which includes Asscher and Emerald, among others. However, they have some differences as listed below.

  • Emerald cuts have 50-58 facets, while baguette cuts have only 14 facets.
  • The corners of the emerald cut are diagonal, while the corners of the baguette are square.
  • Emerald-cut diamonds are sold in high carat weight, whereas baguette-cut diamonds are sold in lower carats.
  • Impurities are mostly invisible in emerald-cut diamonds, whereas inclusions or impurities are more easily seen in baguette-cut diamonds.
  • Emerald-cut diamonds are popularly used as a center stone, whereas baguette-cut diamonds are primarily used as a side stone.
  • Emerald diamonds have soft corners, whereas baguette diamonds have sharp and prominent edges.
  • The baguette cut doesn’t have much sparkle like other diamond cuts, but they reflect light in a unique way. These diamonds are often used as side stones in engagement rings.

How Can I Care for My Baguette Cut Diamond?

You should care for a baguette diamond the same way you care for other diamonds. To clean your baguette diamond, you should place it in a bowl of water, add some mild detergent, and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse your jewelry with water and pat it dry.

Additionally, if you are using baguette diamonds regularly, remove them before going to the shower or washing dishes. Regular exposure to water, soap, or oil can leave a film on the surface of your diamond, which can affect its sparkle.

The corners of the baguette diamonds are pointed. So make sure that they are well-protected. 

What Should I Look For When Purchasing a Baguette Cut Diamond?

1. Carat

Baguette stones are famous for their low weight. These diamonds are widely available in less than one-carat weight.

2. Color and Clarity

Brilliant round cut diamonds appear much whiter than baguette diamonds of the same color. So you need to choose a baguette diamond with a higher color grade. The same holds for inclusions or impurities. 

You can see the inclusions easily in baguette cuts as they only have 14 facets. So while purchasing a baguette diamond, you should give importance to a higher clarity grade.

A higher clarity and color grade will look perfect under 10x magnification. However, do note that higher color and clarity may cost you more, and everyone doesn’t see your baguette diamond ring under a microscope, so you need to be practical. 

You can check for the color and clarity of a diamond under bright light with a naked eye prior to buying.

3. Wearability

Baguette-cut diamonds chip more easily than other diamond cuts. So you should choose the setting wisely. A good setting can hold a baguette diamond safely and protect it from damage.

4. Cost

The cost of baguette diamonds is less compared to other diamond cuts. However, if you choose higher grades, the price will be higher.

5. Cut

Baguette-cut diamonds usually have a ratio of 1:5 or 1:7.

6. View the Paperwork

You should take a look at the paperwork. Ask the jewelry shop to provide you with the diamond’s certification and see how the reputed entity has issued grades for the clarity, color, cut quality, fluorescence, and carat weight of the diamond you’re interested in.


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Can Baguette Cut Diamonds Sparkle?

Baguette-cut diamonds sparkle less than other cuts. They are mainly cut for their luster. They shine in a unique way that is quite appealing. 

These diamonds are often used as accents or side stones. A traditional diamond used as the centerpiece will create fire, and the baguette diamonds used inside will enhance clarity and colorful reflection of light.

Why Should I Purchase a Baguette Diamond?

1. Aesthetics

The width of a baguette diamond provides a great luster that is appealing to the eyes. But remember, it has less sparkle compared to round brilliant cut diamonds.

2. Variety

Baguette diamonds come in various jewelry forms, from rings to necklaces.

3. Popularity

Celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce wear baguette diamonds. If you love following the trend, these diamonds are certainly in.

4. Uniqueness

The shape of a baguette diamond makes it unique compared to other diamond cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Baguette diamonds break easily?

Baguette diamonds can chip and break more easily than other diamond cuts. They have elongated shapes, and most of their surface area is exposed outside. They also have sharp edges. So it becomes easier to crack or loosen with time.

2. Are Baguette diamonds out of style?

Baguette diamonds will never go out of style. They uniquely complement the diamond pieces used in the center of the jewelry. The luster of these diamonds is also incredible.

3. How much are Baguette diamonds worth?

The cost of a baguette diamond is determined by its color, carat weight, cut quality, and clarity grade. The price of an average baguette-cut diamond lies between $1.500 to $3.000 per carat. Baguette diamond engagement rings are usually 1 to 3 carats.

If you choose a higher quality grade, the price will be higher. The price may seem high, but considering the quality of baguette diamonds, these diamonds are well worth the price.

You may also choose a smaller, 0.5 to 1-carat baguette cut diamond ring, and this would cost you less.

Final Thoughts

Baguette cuts are evergreen. Their popularity comes due to their unique design and luster. These diamonds can add a distinguished charm to your finger. They are usually combined with other diamond cuts like round brilliant cuts for enhanced elegance.

Thank you for reading, I hope I’ve answered most of your queries on baguette-cut diamonds!

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