Your Guide to Cloudy Diamond Rings

Many women love to wear a diamond ring on special occasions because it can enhance their beauty. The magic of a diamond is in its sparkle and brilliance.

You would always want a diamond ring that looks clear to your eyes. But you will find some diamond rings in the jewelry store that look cloudy or milky and are known as cloudy diamond rings. The cloudy look may appear on the whole surface of the diamond or in small patches, and it usually gives the diamond a dull look.

There can be several reasons for a cloudy diamond ring. For instance, if the diamond is not cleaned for a long time, then dirt and dust accumulate and give a hazy or cloudy look. Also, strong fluorescence can make the diamond look chalky. And the most common reason for cloudy diamonds, is the higher number of smaller inclusions that cluster together and give the diamond a dull look.

The price of a cloudy diamond ring is a bit lower compared to a non-cloudy diamond ring. This makes it a nice option for people with a lower budget. However, if the cloudy look is because the diamond has more impurities or inclusions, then your diamond will not have much sparkle and brilliance. It will not be the talk of the town.

Let’s talk about cloudy diamond rings in detail.

Cloudy Diamond VS Clear Diamond

Can I Buy Cloudy Diamond Rings?

Yes, you can purchase cloudy diamond rings. If the milkiness or cloudiness does not cover a large portion of the precious stone, then the diamond will still look beautiful.

Sometimes, the diamond will have just a few small patches of cloudiness on the edges. These diamonds are a great buy because the clouds will be fairly unnoticeable. You can hide the clouds by choosing an appropriate ring setting. But if you find larger clouds on the diamond ring, I would suggest you not purchase it.

Why Do Diamonds Become Cloudy?

1. Strong Fluorescence

Some diamonds available on the market exhibit a property called fluorescence. They glow with different intensities when exposed to ultraviolet light rays of the sun or fluorescent lamps.

Reputed Gemological laboratories like the Gemological Institute of America have graded the fluorescence of diamonds on a scale from none to strong. Diamonds that have strong fluorescence may look cloudy or milky. It is because of the chemical composition of diamond and its interaction with daylight.

2. Dirt, Grime and Oils on the Surface of Diamond

Sometimes when you wear a diamond ring continuously and don’t take it off to clean and wash, the diamond can start to become hazy or cloudy and will lose its sparkle.

This is just because dirt, oil from your skin, or grime has covered the surface of the diamond. A dirty stone will likely not sparkle because light cannot enter the facets.

So, if you notice your perfect diamond ring suddenly getting cloudy or milky with time, it is because of dirt accumulated on the surface. You need to clean the diamond from time to time so that it will not lose its sparkle.

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3. Poor Clarity

Diamonds experience high pressure and temperature during their formation, which leads to inclusions or impurities in them. Almost all diamonds have inclusions.

But if they are grouped at one spot or in a cloud, then the diamond ring will look milky in those areas. If you choose a low clarity grade diamond, it is expected to have more inclusions, which can give a milky look.

Sometimes, while shopping for diamonds, you may find a comment written in the GIA grading certificate that clarity grades are not shown based on clouds. This indicates that all the inclusions are not presented in the certificate.

If you intend to purchase a diamond like this, then scrutinize it thoroughly. You can even take the help of a trained professional for scrutinizing before purchasing.


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How Can I Clean My Cloudy Diamond Ring?

If the diamond ring is cloudy because of high inclusions, then even after cleaning, it will look cloudy. But if your diamond ring looks cloudy because of dust or grime deposited on the surface, you can clean it even at home. I have underlined a few steps you need to follow in cleaning your cloudy diamond ring.

1. Clean With Soap and Warm Water

You need to take some warm water in a container and put in some detergent. Make sure that the detergent is completely dissolved in water. Now soak your diamond ring in the solution for five to ten minutes.

During the soaking process, all the dirt from the diamonds will start softening so that it will be easier for you to gently brush it later on. You should make sure that the water is not too hot. A sudden temperature change can weaken the physical integrity of the ring setting.

2. Clean Your Diamond Ring With Ammonia Based Glass Cleaner

Now take out the ring and prepare another container containing warm water. Add some ammonia-based glass cleaner into the warm water. Now soak the ring in it for five to ten minutes.

Never use abrasive chemicals like bleach and chlorine. It can have a corrosive effect that can damage your precious diamond or the metal of your ring.

3. Brush Away All the Dirt and Grime

Now take out the ring and brush it gently to remove all dirt and grime from it.

4. Soak the Diamond Ring Once Again and Brush

Soak the diamond ring once again in soap solution and continue brushing it to remove all the dirt from it.

5. Rinse With Clean Water and Dry

Remove the ring from the soapy solution and rinse with clean water. Then wipe your diamond ring with a dry cloth to ensure all the water is removed from the ring.

How Can I Avoid Buying Cloudy Diamond Rings?

Most consumers buy cloudy diamond rings because of lack of knowledge or unscrupulous dealers. One can find clean-looking diamonds with almost no inclusions at a good price. But you need to understand why jewelers offer diamonds at such a low price.

You need to look at the magnified videos while purchasing a diamond. For instance, if you are shopping for a diamond ring from James Allen, then examine it in 360-degree videos. The videos will enable you to look at the diamonds from every angle.

There is nothing wrong with buying a diamond with a few inclusions in it. But you need to closely inspect the diamonds, particularly if you are buying a lower clarity grade. If you find large clouds that can be easily noticeable, avoid purchasing them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do cloudy diamonds sparkle?

Cloudy diamonds are less brilliant and have less sparkle compared to unclouded diamonds.

2. What are clouds in diamonds?

Sometimes a collection of tiny pinpoints is present inside the diamond that are too small to distinguish. If you intend to purchase a high clarity diamond, it would be hard to see clouds in these diamonds at even 10x magnification.

But if you are purchasing a low clarity diamond, you may find a note in the grading report that clarity based on clouds is not shown.

Final Thoughts

A cloudy diamond may cost you less but will affect the brilliance of the diamond. It will have less sparkle compared to an unclouded diamond. A lower clarity grade has a high chance of collecting pinpoints, often called clouds. So inspect your diamonds carefully before purchasing.

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James Allen is our most recommended online jeweler that guarantees a wonderful online shopping experience. You will find the most beautiful and best quality diamonds available for very competitive prices.

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