Where does Moldavite come from?

Moldavite, a crystal of matchless power and healing properties is popular among gemstone enthusiasts for all the right reasons. Moldavite is essentially a natural glass, similar in some of its characteristics to other glasses. 

Moldavite is a high-impact stone that deals with psychological, emotional, or spiritual healing. It magnifies the power of other stones. To be precise, Moldavite is quite effective in dealing with the troubles associated with the earth chakra. 

Now while the healing functions of this translucent, mossy green crystal are sure to amaze anyone out there, I bet you’ll find its history and origin quite intriguing too. 

moldavite gemstone

How did Moldavite come to Earth?

Well, there are a lot of theories associated with the origin of Moldavite. Many people believe that this fascinating ‘Stone of Transformation’ was specifically sent to the Earth to help it rise above its current state. 

But the question is how exactly did Moldavite come to Earth? 

The most common belief about the origin of Moldavite suggests that it formed as a result of a high-impact event. 

In simpler words, Moldavite came into existence around 15 million years ago when an asteroid hit Earth and broke into 2 pieces. These craters referred to as Rise and Steinem are found across South-Eastern Germany.

The 2 pieces of craters shattered into many more pieces as they approached Earth and were spread around Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. These ‘impactites’ as named by Meteorite experts are what we refer to as Moldavite today.

In essence, Moldavite came to Earth as a result of an asteroid impact millions of years ago. Since it formed as a result of a natural event, Moldavite crystals showcase lots of inclusions, internal patterns, or bubbles. 

How is Moldavite created?

As a matter of fact, Moldavite cannot be created. In fact, it was naturally formed around 15 million years ago as a consequence of an asteroid impact. 

Therefore, the Moldavite present on Earth right now is the only amount you have. It is not created and so, the supply is quite limited. And that is exactly why Moldavite is rare and expensive. 

Real Moldavite is only available in a few parts of the world, that too, in a limited quantity. Unless you’re talking about man-made or fake Moldavite, you cannot “create” Moldavite. 

Where can Moldavite be found?

Moldavite is primarily found only in the areas where it first originated. So you can expect to find reserves of Moldavite crystal in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria. 

The majority of Moldavite reserves are found across the Czech Republic. Especially if we talk about Moldavite suitable for jewelry-making purposes, which can only be found in southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

The recent findings of Moldavite were made in Western Moravia, northwest Bohemia, Lusatia (Germany), and Waldviertel in Austria. 

However, the event that brought Moldavite into existence occurred 15 million years ago. And so that means, much of the Moldavite crystals must have eroded by now. If not that, a large quantity has been buried deep down the Earth. 

Therefore, it is now available in smaller amounts and is becoming rarer day by day. Most of the Moldavite is mined from the Czech Republic because the best specimens are usually found there only.

Why is Moldavite rare?

Moldavite is a tektite and tektites are almost never found in gemstone quality. But Moldavite? It defies all those odds and is one of its own kind. It is in fact, the only tektite that boasts gemstone quality which makes it quite unique.

Moldavite is becoming rare with each passing day. Its value is increasing and so is the demand. But the reserves? Unfortunately, they are limited. 

It is believed that Moldavite will survive only another decade of mining before it goes all wiped out and that is exactly why it is becoming rare and expensive day by day. 

However, no one can say that for sure. We do not know the exact amount of Moldavite remaining on Earth. But one day or another the reserves are going to run out for sure.

Other than that, the mining of Moldavite is only legally permitted in one village in the Czech Republic. And since that supply is swiftly running out, the Holy Grail Stone is becoming more and more rare and expensive. 

How to tell if Moldavite is real?

With the increasing demand and popularity of Moldavite, manufacturers have created unbelievably deceptive moldavite stones. The majority of Moldavite that you find around is just an imitation of the real thing. 

So how can you find out if your Moldavite is real? A simple trick to spot a fake Moldavite is to have a close look at its texture and internal appearance. The look-alike stones of Moldavite are generally made from green bottle glass and do not show any inclusions.

On the other hand, a genuine Moldavite stone is either translucent or transparent in appearance and comes with many inclusions or internal patterns, particularly bubbles. If your Moldavite stone is flawless and clear then, it is most likely green glass and not the magic crystal. 

What is Man-Made Moldavite?

Man-made Moldavite is simply lab-created or synthetic Moldavite, manufactured from green glass that is made to look very similar to Moldavite. Man-made Moldavite is quite useless, to be fair. What good a bottle glass would really do? 

If you’re looking for a Moldavite for decorative purposes only, sure you can go for synthetic ones. But if you want to benefit from its healing properties then, a man-made Moldavite is of no use. 

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