Learn about diamonds – a popular choice for jewelry because of their beauty and rarity. Diamonds are among the hardest materials in nature, which makes them extremely durable. You will find diamonds in engagement rings and other fine pieces of jewelry. Below you’ll find detailed articles covering every aspect of diamonds including popular topics to help you learn the basics and more.

Ideal vs. Super Ideal Cut Diamond

Ideal vs. Super Ideal Cut Diamond

When buying a diamond, you want to ensure you find the best value. One way to do this is to learn about the different diamond cuts and choose one that will give you the most beautiful and sparkly diamond.  But how do you know which cut is right for you? This blog post will compare …

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What Are Loose Diamonds?


Loose diamonds are diamonds that are cut and polished but have not yet been put into jewelry. You cannot wear loose diamonds, although you can collect and store them.  Loose diamonds are available from all diamond merchants. You can either buy them online or offline and save some dollars as they are relatively cheaper. However, …

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What Is the Brilliance of a Diamond, and Why Does It Shine?


What makes a diamond shine? Diamonds shine mainly due to two attributes: their fire and their brilliance. People often think that fire and brilliance are interchangeable terms. But in the context of diamonds, fire and brilliance are two different optical properties that make diamonds unique. In this article, I will discuss the science behind the …

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What Is an Oval Diamond Bowtie?

What Is an Oval Diamond Bowtie

If you want to buy a traditional round diamond ring but cannot afford it due to cost, you could consider buying an oval cut diamond instead. These diamonds are fast gaining popularity.  Oval diamonds are elongated in shape and possess the same brilliance and sparkle as a round diamond. Moreover, they have a larger surface …

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Why Are Diamonds So Hard?

Diamonds are well known for their beauty and sparkle. But apart from their unique beauty, they are also well known for their strength.  The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word Adamas which means unbreakable. It is one of the hardest materials found on the earth. But why are diamonds so hard?  Diamond is an …

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What Is CTTW for Diamonds?

What Is CTTW for Diamonds

If you are looking for diamond earrings offline or online, you will see the tag CTTW along with cut quality, color, clarity, and carat. You might be wondering what this term represents. CTTW stands for Carat Total Weight. In this article, I will discuss total carat weight and how it differs from the carat weight …

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Your Guide to Cloudy Diamond Rings

Many women love to wear a diamond ring on special occasions because it can enhance their beauty. The magic of a diamond is in its sparkle and brilliance. You would always want a diamond ring that looks clear to your eyes. But you will find some diamond rings in the jewelry store that look cloudy …

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What Is a Portrait Cut Diamond?


Many of us have heard of colorless diamonds, colored diamonds, and lab-created diamonds. And all the different shapes that diamonds are cut. A lesser-known variety is a portrait cut diamond. What is a portrait cut diamond? Portrait cut diamonds are ancient Indian cuts of diamonds. They are cut in the form of a thin slab …

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Everything About Baguette Diamonds

Baguette Diamonds

Buying a diamond ring can be a matter of debate. People’s opinions about the various shapes, such as round brilliant cut, pear or heart shape, emerald cut, or cushion cut, are very diverse and individualistic. One shape that perhaps fewer people have heard about or seen is a baguette cut. This article is a guide …

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What Are Fancy Yellow Canary Diamonds?


You might think diamonds are colorless. But no, diamonds can occur in various colors like blue, yellow, and even orange. Interstitial impurities or structural defects cause coloration in diamonds.  For instance, sometimes nitrogen atoms are dispersed all over the crystal during the formation of the diamond. This gives the appearance of intense yellow or yellow …

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I vs J Color Diamonds Compared

Lower color grades on a diamond scale do not always equate to an underwhelming diamond. While most people do not like the way color affects the diamond’s appearance, there are others who are fond of warm-toned diamonds. Anyway, both I and J color diamonds can be the go-to option for anyone who’s in search of …

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SI vs VVS Diamond Clarity Compared

The inclusions and blemishes in a diamond affect the amount of light that passes through it and consequently affect the diamond’s light performance and sparkle. Therefore, paying attention to the diamond’s clarity is indispensable.  The amount, location, nature, and impact of these inclusions play an integral role in deciding the clarity grade of a diamond. …

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D vs. F Color Diamond

The color of a diamond can make or break its appearance. Diamonds with a lower color grade exhibit a visible yellow tint and fail to deliver a gorgeous sparkle. Whereas diamonds with a superior color grade exhibit greater transparency and light absorption and hence, deliver a stunning sparkle and scintillation. Just so you know, there …

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J vs. K Color Diamond

Diamond color refers to the amount of yellowish tint or hue present in the diamond. An ideal diamond would be perfectly transparent with no hue. However, that sight is quite rare. High-quality diamonds are quite close to that, but as the quality of a diamond gets lower, it exhibits a prominent yellow/brownish hue. Most diamond …

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G vs. F Color Diamond Compared

G vs. F Color Diamond Compared

Finding the right balance in the 4C’s of diamonds is the ultimate hack to purchasing the perfect diamond. The color grade of a diamond decides how white or warm it’ll appear. Typically, when in a setting, a diamond can be amazing at hiding its color up to a certain grade. And that means slight compromises …

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VS1 vs. VVS1 Diamonds Compared

While it is true that all 4 C’s of a diamond have a significant impact on its appearance, clarity is something that should never be overlooked. The clarity of a diamond is affected by inclusions and blemishes. The lesser these inclusions, the higher the clarity grade of the diamond will be. However, it is important …

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