What Is a Floating Diamond Wedding Band?

Diamond wedding bands are available in several shapes, sizes and types. Each style offers a different look, and there are buyers for every type of ring. However, one that holds a special place in the hearts of diamond jewelry connoisseurs is the floating diamond wedding band.

The floating diamond band makes it look as though your finger is encircled with a ring of diamonds floating in thin air. It has a unique style that will indeed get you endless compliments at your wedding. This type of band will never go out of style.

Let me help you understand more about floating diamond wedding bands, their styles, their limitations, and where you can buy them.

Floating Diamond Wedding Band

What Is a Floating Diamond Wedding Band?

A floating diamond wedding band is named so because the diamonds look to be encircling your finger in the air! Typically, a complete ring of diamonds is set upon a thin metal band made of white gold or any other precious metal.

The diamonds are set so close to each other that you cannot see the band for the most part. The setting helps to focus on the sparkle and beauty of the diamonds rather than that of the band or the prong.

There is another diamond wedding band that looks very similar to the floating wedding band, and this is the classic prong eternity band. You can only understand the difference if you look at both rings very carefully.

An engagement ring with a brilliant round-cut diamond and a classic prong eternity band

In a classic eternity band, the diamonds are held to the band through prongs or channels. You will probably be able to see more of the metal in the band in these rings.

On the other hand, in a floating diamond eternity band, the diamonds are secured in a little basket with two small prongs on either side. It helps the diamond to be secure while looking like it is floating on your finger.

What Are the Styles of Floating Diamond Wedding Band?

The floating diamond wedding band comes in as many as six different styles. They are as follows:

1. Tension Setting

The tension setting is one of the most popular and simple forms of floating diamond wedding rings. The two halves of the ring band hold the gemstones simply through the tension caused in the metal band.

2. Bar Setting

The bar setting uses a piece of metal to hold the diamonds in place. It creates a beautiful symmetry. This is the most common type of floating diamond wedding band.

3. Open Bezels

Bezel settings are usually created with an open base to create the illusion that diamonds are suspended in the air. They typically have a thicker band because mechanical strength is required for holding the center stone.

4. Floating Arches

You will find the floating arches style in eternity rings. It uses an elevated design where the diamonds are seen floating on a bridge.

5. Bypass Rings

Here the bands overlap instead of forming a continuous line.

6. Halo Rings

The center stone is encircled by many accent stones, which increase the diamond’s visual size and add sparkle and brilliance to the ring.

What Are the Problems With a Floating Diamond Band?

There are some things you should keep in mind if you want to wear a floating diamond ring on any special occasion or regular basis.

The first problem is that the diamonds are more exposed in the setting. While this is the main thing that enhances the beauty of each diamond in the band, complete exposure can loosen the diamonds, and even the slightest bump can dislocate them from the band.

The second problem is that the diamonds in the floating band are hard to clean. When you use a floating diamond band for a few months, then dirt gets deposited in the small crevices between the diamonds. Your ring may no longer look as beautiful.

Another issue is that floating diamond rings or bands are difficult to resize. You should not force the ring on your finger if it’s too tight. Even the slightest adjustment in the tension may loosen the diamond.

Where Can I Buy Floating Diamond Wedding Bands?

You can buy a floating diamond wedding band both online and offline. There are reputed diamond retailers who sell diamonds online. They also cost less when you buy online.

One such reputed diamond retailer who has been selling diamonds for many years is James Allen. Below is a list of a few floating wedding rings from James Allen.


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1. 14K Pink Gold Morganite And Diamond Floating Halo Ring

This is a modern halo ring with an octagon cut center stone surrounded by floating halo diamonds, which can add elegance to any look. The metal used here is 14k rose gold, and the width is 1.90 mm.

The ring has 48 round floating diamonds with an average total carat of 0.24. The color grade of these diamonds is between G and H.

2. 14K Rose Gold East-West Morganite And Diamond Floating halo Ring

This is a halo ring with an oval horizontally set Morganite stone with a diamond-studded band. This ring has 46 floating round diamonds, with an average total carat of 0.19. The average color grade of these diamonds is between G-H.

3. 14K White Gold East Sapphire And Diamond Floating Halo Ring

This ring features an oval horizontal set Sapphire along with a diamond-studded band. It has 42 floating diamonds with an average total carat of 0.19 and an average color grade of within G-H.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a floating diamond wedding ring?

A ring setting where no claws or prongs are used to support the center stone is called a floating diamond ring.

2. How does a floating diamond work?

The diamonds are secured in place by tension in the ring, which gives the impression that they are floating. This style allows the maximum amount of light to enter the diamonds and thus brings out their brilliance and sparkle.

3. Are floating diamonds secure?

Diamonds are supported either from below by claws or clasps in traditional settings. But the problem with this setting is that you can see more metal than diamond in these rings. Floating diamonds are held to the ring by claws through tension. While this technique makes the ring more beautiful, it also means that the diamond may not be as secure.

4. How big is Kim Kardashian’s wedding ring?

Kim’s ex Kris Humphries gave her a huge 19.8-carat wedding ring with a 16.2-carat diamond in the center. In 2013, when Kim agreed to marry Kanye West, he gave her a diamond ring designed by Lorraine Schwartz. The ring had a type II-A D-stone diamond, one of the most perfect diamonds in the world. It had a cushion cut setting and a huge center stone with a band of floating diamonds surrounding it.

Final Thoughts On Floating Diamond Wedding Bands

Floating diamond wedding bands are as delicate as they are beautiful. If you are considering buying one for your loved one, keep in mind that these rings may be more difficult to maintain compared to regular bands.


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