Top 5 Best Earrings for Cartilage Piercings

The options are limitless when it comes to cartilage piercings. They have been popular since a long time but the growing acceptance of cartilage piercings in the society is laudable. The cartilage of your ear gives you quite a bit of experimenting options; Industrial piercings, helix, forward helix, tragus, daith, and a dozen more like that.

Cartilage piercings give you the opportunity to create a unique style to express your personality. However, they are very sensitive as compared to lobe piercings.

They need a lot of cleaning and maintenance as long as they are in the healing period. And also, you can’t change your jewelry for at least 2 months after your get your cartilage pierced. Anyway, the best earrings for cartilage piercings are post studs, endless hoops, huggie hoops, barbell for industrials, and more.

Best Earrings for Cartilage Piercing

Check out our collection to find the best earrings for your cartilage piercings

Hinged Segment Hoop Earrings

A very beautiful one piece cartilage earring by Oufer that can be used in a variety of piercings. We are intoxicated by the gorgeous design of this cartilage hoop.
It features a hinged segment clicker design that is very easy to put on. The clicker style takes care of the security so the hoop doesn’t fall off, thankfully. The clear cubic zirconia inlaid in a cluster design adds all the sparkle and glamor to this hoop. The hoop radiates all the shine and sparkle that is bound to catch the attention of everyone.
The material of this hoop is safe to wear. With cartilage piercings, we’re always worried about the jewellery metal. So this one is not problematic as it is made from 316L Surgical Stainless Steel. The hoop possesses lasting quality. It does not deform and the clicker can survive multiple opening and closings. This is a gauge 16 hoop so it is suitable for the tragus, conch, daith, helix, or even septum.

14k Yellow Gold Bar and Ball

This stud is a perfect size for every type of cartilage piercing. A very dainty addition to your everyday style that is comfortable and wearable at all times.
This bar and ball stud from Jewseen is tiny yet captivating. The 5 A+ cubic zirconia add the right amount of sparkle that this stud needs. This super tiny stud has been crafted with great attention to detail; the cubic zirconia are set in a pretty flower design.

The material is suitable for sensitive skin as it made from pure 14k Yellow Gold. To make it appropriate for sensitive skin, Jewseen has made it completely lead and nickel free. The high quality polish makes it shiny overall. Both the ball and the bar are 14k gold and are stamped for authenticity. So they’re a perfect addition to your cartilage accessories.

10 Pc Cartilage Earrings

This package consists of super trendy designs from Yadoca. It contains 10 pcs which are enough for adorning almost all of your cartilage piercings.
A package of 10 earrings in 15 bucks, what can be better than that? We are going gaga over every design in this package. All the earrings are designed meticulously and it shows in their beauty and quality. There are multiple shapes and designs available from heart and flower to leaf and squares.
Most of the earrings are adorned with sparkling bright cubic zirconia. So you can expect quite a bit of glitz and sparkle from each of them. The material – the most important part of a cartilage accessory – is surgical stainless steel. So you can rest assured that there will not be any allergic reactions. These are suitable for all types of skin. These earrings won’t tarnish or lose their color.
Each piece has a 16 Gauge which makes it suitable for all types of piercings. The package holds earrings that are suitable for industrial, helix, conch, tragus, and almost every other piercing!

Gold Hinged Segment Hoop

This elegant hoop style cartilage earring is the perfect addition to your everyday accessories. It is a hinged segment earring hoop and is very comfortable to wear.
The hoop is embellished with clear cubic zirconia that are sparkly and bright. We are a fan of this hinged hoop because of how beautifully it sits in the piercing. It glides through the piercing effortlessly and is easy to secure.
The hoop is hypoallergenic since it is manufactured with stainless steel. The gauge 16 size is a versatile option that is wearable in every type of cartilage piercing. The stainless steel is polished with gold. It is free from any allergic metals. This dainty little piece of jewellery is made to steal everyone’s heart!

18k Yellow Gold Ball Stud

If you’re looking for a classic and minimalist piece of everyday jewelry then you shouldn’t miss this one. It is the most perfect everyday design that can be mixed and matched with any other cartilage jewellery.
This classic gold sphere is made from 18k Yellow Gold. Totally pure; neither plated nor filled. The stud is very comfortable to wear and the most amazing thing about it is that it won’t fall out. It is secured by a screwback. The screwback is covered flat so you can even sleep in this beautiful stud.
The stud is suitable for all cartilage piercings, however, it will look best in the helix, tragus, forward helix, or upper lobes piercings. This one surely belongs to all the minimalists out there!

Do You Need Special Earrings For Cartilage?

All types of earrings are suitable for cartilage piercings. There is not a huge difference between cartilage earrings and other traditional earring jewelry except that the earrings designed specifically for cartilage are more comfortable to wear. Also, their gauge sizes and overall earring size is more appropriate for cartilage piercings. Posts, studs, or hoops are versatile and sit in every type of cartilage piercing. Also, Gauge 16 is the easiest size to manoeuvre in a cartilage piercing.

What Metal Is Best For Cartilage Piercings?

As we have already mentioned in the beginning, cartilage piercings are far more sensitive than other piercings. This means that you need to be very careful while selecting the metal type of your jewelry. It is best to choose a material that is hypoallergenic, lead free, and nickel free. For this very reason, we have mentioned only the safest of metals in our collection. Most of them are surgical stainless steel, while others are solid gold which are lead or nickel free. Apart from that titanium is always a great option too.

Is A Hoop Or Stud Better For Cartilage Piercing?

For piercings that are healing, it is better to use studs because hoops may hinder the healing process of your piercings. It is because they move quite a lot, and jewelry that doesn’t stay in place is not recommended for a fresh piercing. However, if your piercing is past the healing stage, then the choice is solely yours to make. Stud or hoop; either will go perfectly well in a cartilage piercing.

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